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Michael Phelps Takes A Bath With Louis Vuitton

Oh, we just love.

This just gives us glee of the non-jeahing kind. [Read more…]

The Rekall of Total Recall

I live in Gotham City and we have strange things that happen here.

No, really.

We do.

So about a month ago when I started seeing these strange adverts for something called ‘Rekall’ with their whole “Tell us your fantasy. We’ll make it real” slogan, I was kind of confused.

I imagined it had to be some gimmick by Madame Tussauds or a weird strip club advertising some type of mind-blowing (no pun intended) fantasies.

Heck, for all I knew, it was some odd country club trying to be a combination of Nectar Island meets A Small World in scene of augmented reality on Innovations-crack a la Disney Orlando. [Read more…]