Inspired New York Honors Nigel Barker [Video Interview]

Held at TriBeCa at the Smyth Hotel’s Toro Lounge, INSPIRED New York honored famed photographers Nigel Barker and Mike Ruiz in late May for their ongoing humanitarian work.

Dimly lit, packed with people and the scent of liquor lingering in the air, the affair was as inspiring as it was aspirational.

Wouldn’t it be a wonderful world, if we all did one selfless thing once a day? We a few million people tackling that sport, can you imagine the glorious return on investment?

Therefore, coming from a world where outer beauty is king, Barker’s commitment to raising awareness and drawing attention to the less glamorous side of life, is not only commendable, but something we should all strive to do.

Barker, a former model, photographer, philanthropist and previous judge on America’s Next Top Model is an inspirational beacon.

Driven to make a difference, the author of The Beauty Equation, took the time to tell me about his latest project “Dreams Are Not Forgotten,” a documentary capturing life in a post-earthquake Haiti.

Fresh off of, “Haiti: Hunger & Hope” and A Sealed Fate, Barkers new documentary is set to show at the 2012 Manhattan Film Festival:

“Dreams are Not Forgotten is a documentary film that captures the heart and soul of an inspiring community in the slums of Bel Air in post-earthquake, Haiti. It?s an intimate glimpse of life, concentrating on the details that we all share in common, despite living worlds apart. The film is set in the shantytown of Bel Air in Port-au-Prince and witnessed through the lives of three Haitians. Roodline is an abandoned 13-year-old girl who sleeps on the floor in a make-shift tent with four other people and wants to be a nurse when she grows up, Leslie is a 24-year-old self-proclaimed vagabond trying to figure out who he is and who he wants to be and Roland is a 64-year-old Iron Worker, struggling to get by and reflecting back on better times in Haiti?s colorful past. Dreams are Not Forgotten is a story of struggle and hope, pride and potential and explores the strength and courage of the human condition against all odds.”

It was a pleasure to see you again!


“We have the power to make this a better world.

As humans, we have the ability to be humane; it’s our choice.”

– Nigel Barker, A Sealed Fate?


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