Empire State of Sasha: Electric Daisy Carnival New York 2012

Where have all the neon, polyester flowers gone?

Or rather, were there any faux-flowers left in the Greater New York City area as thousands of gardlanded, flowered-out electronic music festival goers descended upon New Jersey’s MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, N.J. for Electric Daisy Carnival New York.

I took a trip with the Italians and it was such an adventure, Charlie!

Saturday held 31 sets, across four stages, running continuously for 11-hours and the other two days were no different.

From Calvin Harris to Avicii to Alesso with some Afrojack in between, EDCNY was a psychedelic cocktail of House bliss under a skyline hovering over approximately 45,000 daisy-folk clad in neon tutus, faux-fur Snookie-esque legging-boots and hair colours not known to nature.

On that note, I do consider myself rather friendly.

And then there were these people…

… it was kind of like meeting real-life Japanese cartoon characters.

Larger-than-life LED video displays turned deejays into tiny baseball cap-clad elves on a stage and the scent of beer riddled in the air.

Though with no David Guetta in sight (*cough*cough*Vegas!*), his songs certainly made an appearance, like “Sunshine” in Avicii’s set.

Nothing was short on experience (except perhaps the ridiculous line I had to wait in for nachos,) as Electric Daisy was an artificial paradise inhabited by warm-blooded creatures gyrating to booming beats.

But! Alas, don’t forget to bring your own soap leaves from Crabtree & Evelyn, tote the Vera with hand sanitizer as a staple consumer commodity and a light sweater inside, wrap on your bikini, toss on your sneakers, stay H2O-hydrated and wear sunscreen, kiddos.

So glad I did 🙂

The highlight?

Backstage at Avicii…

… with the daisy people.

… and the mirror man.

Did you have any doubts?

Oh, EDC! Thanks for the memories 🙂


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