Bed Head’s Urban Canvas

I love my hair.

One could possibly say I’m obsessed with it.

I also love art … like a lot.

So when the two merge outside of Fashion Week and the musing of my mother or other stylists, I get giddy.

That’s pretty much why TIGI’s Bed Head is super cool this summer with their latest collection.

Bed Head invited three artists (Jim Mahfood, Nicholas Saunders and Harry Woollacott) to unleash their creativity on their most iconic and best-selling products: Afterparty, Small Talk, Hardhead and Masterpiece.

To say we weren’t excited would be an understatement.

Urban Canvas is the brand’s first ever art collection launched to to celebrate the spirit of originality and self-expression of Bed Head’s greatest hits through the medium of urban art.

  • After Party: re-created by Nicholas Saunders ($19.50)

Controls funky flyaways to silkify hair.

The perfect party favor for our frizz prone friends.

And I won’t lie, I’m kind of obsessing over the packaging of this.

All the pink makes me think of a Britney Spears concert in her glory days…

  • Small Talk: re-created by Jim Mahfood ($17.50)

Small Talk, Big results!

A perfect 3-in-1 energizer, hold and stylizer.

  • Masterpiece: re-created by Harry Woolacott ($19.50)

Turn your hair into a work of art that lasts all day! Massive shine, serious hold.


  • Hard Head: re-created by Jim Mahfood ($16.50)

Relentless hold and control – dries instantly!

The more you use the harder it gets.


It launches this month, so get excited!!!

We likey!



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