Conflict of Pinterest: The Most Beautiful Country in the World


What country do you deem to be the most beautiful in the world?  If you were to ask me, I would have to be bias and scream out SPAIN!

Pinterest is the new social media outlet that is literally taking over the world with pins and repins of visually appealing photographs on anything from DIY projects, to fashion, weddings, travel and more!

For the purpose of determining which country is the most beautiful, First Choice, the UK’s leading travel company, has taken on a contest where Pinterest users create a board of what they think is the most beautiful country in the world to create more motivation to travel.


Not only will you get bragging rights when your country of choice wins, you will also be entered to win an iPhone 4s if you vote via Twitter and a Nikon DSLR camera when voting through Pinterest.

First Choice created an interactive HTML5 info graphic, which allows Pinterest users to vote by clicking on a map.

At the time of writing this post, Latvia was ranking as the most beautiful country as Togo was steady as least beautiful.

Of course that varies every day.

The one thing that caught my attention was that First Choice opted out on including Facebook as a way to vote.

I know that Pinterest had incorporated Twitter right away, well at least when I joined.


Pinterest, the now 3rd most popular ranking social media site has had  Twitter as a sharing portal from the beginning and now has incorporated  Facebook as well, this change came this week.

So what do you think of First Choice’s strategy?

It sure is gaining exposure for their brand and by allowing all Pinterest users to create boards dedicated to their favorite countries, travel is definitely encouraged.

Not only will this create the awareness for travel to different places, but it is now breaking the mold to what some people see as a vacation.

When I see a commercial for a vacation on TV or an ad in a magazine, for the most part, travel is viewed as beautiful beaches and luxurious resorts.

While this truly does sound amazing, to this I say, where is the culture?

photo by Reiaz Mohammed

Yes an amazing resort is just that, but to me, you can place that resort anywhere in the world and it will be pretty much the same experience, except for the logical knowledge of knowing where you physically are geographically.

I’ve had this very discussion recently with my fiancé, he loves the resorts, the beaches and sitting poolside for seven days, and while that is also fun for me, the thought of the repetitive routine makes me unsettled.

When I travel, I want to go beyond the resort, I want to see how the locals live, I want to eat what they eat, I want to experience that specific country, I want to sight-see and experience the culture, I don’t believe this kind of experience is what you get from a resort.

This is what First Choice is trying to do with Conflict of Pinterest, they are creating a new innovative and interactive way of using the number one tool in the world; social media to get their message to the public.


Not to limit yourself to what is commercially advertised, why not see what actual people experienced in any given country and what they know and love.

Ad campaigns are great and when done right they will portray a sort of realism of what you will experience when using their product or service; First Choice is allowing you to hear it from the horse’s mouth.

Go ahead, peruse the many Pinterest boards dedicated to just that, see what the culture is, and what can be experienced.

Experience the little things like the candies, fashions and routines or the traditional sport of the country.

Bravo First Choice, Conflict of Pinterest is just what we needed to gain a little perspective on the world.

You can start by checking out my Pinterest board on Spain here.

Plus also see Little Pink Blog’s owner Sasha Muradali’s board on Trinidad and Tobago here.


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