The Badoo Project (#BadooProject)

“NYC was an easy choice as the place to first introduce Badoo to the U.S. It’s young, diverse, and social–a lot like Badoo!”
 – Jessica Powell, Chief Marketing Office for Badoo worldwide

It’s no surprise we love Badoo.

We’ve been writing about them for quite sometime now and thereby, it still should not be a surprise that when heard about The Badoo Project, we took our happy little selves to SoHo for an evening to hang out with our favourites from Londontown.

What is the Badoo Project you ask?

“The Badoo Project is a quest to help New Yorkers say a very personal ‘Hello’ to their city. It kicks off with a 3 day photoshootathon, where 4 hot photographers will undertake the ambitious task of capturing 1000 portraits of New Yorkers.

Based on personality, energy and individuality, a final 24 will then get the chance to say ‘hello’ to the city. Every billboard, banner and media across New York will star one of their faces.”

And what is Badoo? (for those of you who don’t read us often enough)

“Badoo is the world’s largest and fastest growing social network for meeting new people. First launched in 2006, it has around 140 million registered users worldwide and more than 125,000 new users signing up every day. You can check it out at”

Mind you it’s also the number one social network in Brasil, Spain, France and Italy.

So if you’re in New York City on March 24, 2012 take a stroll to 84 Mercer Street and join in on the festivities.

Check out our experience below:-

With our stylist, Carla.

Getting some Lust on our lips before we get photographed by Danielle Levitt.

The hair and makeup, “Glam” section.

When finished, Badoo leads users to a computer station where they pick their top 5 photos.

Some of our photographs:

Hanging out with our Badoo Boys, Niccolo and Ivan, afterwards.

(Alice, we missed you!)

…and don’t forget to vote for us to be one of the 24 winners for the Badoo Project!



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