{Beautirati} Butter London: Disco Biscuit [Swatches + Pics]

Hello Spring! and Hello Summer!

This is “Disco Biscuit,” part of Butter London’s SS12 line of polishes, and it makes me want to say “Disco my biscuit.”

Don’t ask me why, but if I were Cher, and this was “Clueless,” I kind of feel like that would be something that would slip off of my tongue with ease.

Either way, according to Butter London, “Disco Biscuit” is a

Tropical hot pink with an undercurrent of tiny iridescent glitter particles

To us, however, it looks like this sheer blast of more pink-than-purple fuchsia, with blue iridescent glitter particles reminiscent of something Judy Jetson would wear.

Oh, yes, yes, how we love!

If you had to find a dupe for it — check out OPI’s “Pompeii Purple.”

It’s quite similar, minus the glitter and the sheer/jelly-esque factor.

“Pompeii Purple” is heavily pigmented and has a blue undertone.

It’s one of our favourite polishes and now this one, from Butter London, is too!

Our only issue with this polish, so be warned, is that if you’re a fan of heavily pigmented polishes, like us, you’ll need at least three to four coats of “Disco Biscuit” to achieve the look in all my photos.

On the flip-side, if you’re into jelly-esque polishes and are also looking for something lighter to overlap on top of a darker polish — this is perfect.

I’m contemplating, polishing my nails in “Pompeii Purple” (you only need two standard coats) and then adding a coat of “Disco Biscuit” on top of it to see how it comes out, since they are so similar.

If you’d be interested in seeing that, let me know!

So what is a “Disco Biscuit?”

Well, in British slang, it’s apparently the code word used in the 1980s to describe ecstasy (the drug,) and the term is still used today…in the English-speaking world.

Oh well, you learn something new everyday!

So say, “no” to drugs kiddos and polish thy nails instead!

Happy polishing



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