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Hunger Games Mixology: DISTRICT 7,8,9,10,11 and 12 Cocktails

By: Ashley Bryce, Liana Cole and Sasha Muradali

Each year the Hunger Games are held inside the Capitol, in the county of Panem.

Panem rose out of the rubble that once was North America and had thirteen districts that surround it, each having a unique purpose. Tired of servitude, the thirteen districts of Panem rebelled against the Capitol and the nation turned into a battle ground.

In the end, the Capitol held down the resistance and District 13, known of its nuclear power, was destroyed in a disaster.

The twelve remaining districts signed the Treaty of Treason and the Hunger Games were born as a punishment for the costly rebellion.

Each year the districts have to sacrifice one girl and one boy, known as tributes, to the games. These tributes engage in a battle to the death with
one survivor.

The victor who goes back to his or her district with fame and fortune.

In recognition of these yearly games, we present drinks for the remaining 6 districts of Panem.


Hunger Games!

District 7 – Lumber [Read more…]