Sh*t Miami Girls Say…and Guys

So listen to this, Michelle showed me and I showed Leila who saw the second one and tagged me, but, not after Jennifer saw it from Nadia, who posted it on  Facebook!

I thought they were genius with the first because it was, like, amazing.


When that time had those psycho drivers, who can’t read the stupid signs are swaying across the road?

I value my life, thanks.

Like, who does that?! Ugh. And Hip-Hop weekend is worse.  Lordy.

Don’t grant them license.


They swerve around traffic, drive in the middle of the road, don’t stop at stop signs and cut across four lanes of traffic because they weren’t paying attention to the giant green signs overheard warning them that their exit was next!

Ridiculous. It’s rid-dic-u-list.

WTF, bro.


OMG, have you heard that new song from Pitbull?

That’s so Miami.

He so refee sometimes though. Like the dirty kind that only showers with cologne. Ewww.

Que pena.

But Pitbull, he’s market-able.

“Culo” is the anthem, bro.  Old skool, anthem.

Like I hear it, and I can see, literally, how he was totally able to duet with Enrique.

Pero tú sabes.

Ay, Enrique.

Such a hottie.


Michelle Sicars
Giancarlo Sabogal
Livette Alons

Part I

Part II


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  1. meeshsparks says

    I love it!

  2. Fantastic!!!  Gosh I miss miami and this post along with the video.  Totally loved!