Precious Stones: An Evening with Hilary Park

What do you get when you have a theoretical math major turned jewelry designer who has an affinity for the stars?


Hilary Park.

That’s who!

Brooklyn-based, specializing in limited edition and one of a kind pieces hand-crafted in silver and gold, Park often incorporates semi-precious and precious gems into her work.

This month, my cousin, Crystal, and I had the opportunity to stop by Hilary’s store as she opened her doors to debut her new location and show off her SS12 collection.

In speaking with Hilary she told me that she studies astrology, gemology and likes to feel at one with nature.

These things transcend to her jewelry.

A moden-day goldsmith, Park has pieces based on the four elements (earth, fire, wind and water), zodiac signs and custom pieces with precious and semi-precious stones that are aligned to a person’s personality, desires or struggles.

Hilary gifted us with an absolutely, positively beautiful piece made of citrine she made by hand.

We’re been wearing for the past 3-weeks.

So if you seen us recently, you’ve probably seen it and now you know where we got it! 🙂

One a side note, our favourite Hilary piece is of the orchid, our favourite flower:

For more on Hilary, click here.

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