Celebrate Valentine’s Day Knees Up with Butter London

Ombre nails.



Loveee…of thyself.

Oh yes, yes, yes!

Celebrate Valentine’s Day for yourself in all your rapturous, self-glory with these gorgeous colours from Butter London and super fab DIY tutorials.

Reds of choice:-

  • Knees Up
  • Chancer
  • Pillar Box Red


Knees Up –

Butter London describes this shade as,

“A smashing metallic red perfect for getting smashed in.”

and it’s so bloody beautiful.

To me, it’s like Christmas in a nail polish bottle.

When it begins to wear, after about a week, you can make a DIY play on the ombre nails, but using Chancer.


“Wear this deep, “crushed glitter” red when you are feeling particularly out of his league. He doesn’t deserve you anyway.”

The thing about this red glitter, is that it’s not a straight up glitter, so you can wear it on its own, or over a dark similar polish and use it for effects.

Chancer on its own:-

One coat:

Two coats:

An ombre Chancer, using it on top of Knees Up!


  1. With worn Knees Up nails, take a coat of Chancer and put one-third to half-way down your nail.
  2. Let it dry.
  3. Put a second coat at the very tips.
  4. Let it dry.
  5. Add a top coat.
  6. Let it dry.

The entire look reminds me of a candy apple…except on my finger nails.


Pillar Box Red

“A good red is like your favorite LBD. It makes you look and feel your best, even when you’re faking it.”

This is simply a delicious, creamy cherry red.

Pillar Box Red kind of reminds me of Ferrari.

It glides on exceptionally smooth, just as other Butter London products, with very good pigmentation and not a whole lot of stinky nail polish smell.

So this Valentine’s Day, do yourself a favor for yourself and no one else – go Knees Up with Butter London (or channel your inner Hunger Games.)



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  1. I am sporting Knees Up for my Friday nails!  Love Butter London!