Gen-Y + Valentine’s Day = Single’s Guide!

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Everyone says it, we Millennials define ourselves more by our interests and passions, than our careers.

Some say, that’s the reason we stay single longer than the generations previous to us.

So without belaboring that… a few suggestions from moi to você:

  • 1) Volunteer

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Coming from the lips of the lovely friend from Texas, Amanda, this is one of my favourite suggestions.

You are awesome. I know it and you know it.

Give yourself a good distraction by helping someone else less fortunate than you at a soup kitchen or women’s/homeless/animal shelter.

Take a trip to your local hospital and give out cards to the kiddies in the children’s ward and the elderly.

  • 2) Champagne, please

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Courtesy of my twineee, Jennifer, is this fun and daring idea.

Do you live in New York City, or somewhere where there is a park with carriages drawn by horses?

If so, get together with you best girlfriends, take a bottle of Perrier Jouet with you, wear a tiara and release your best inner, single Cinderella.

And if along the route you happen upon a snazzy gentlemen or two… playfully cat call them 🙂

  • 3) Rachel & Ryan

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Get together with your besties and watch “The Notebook.”

This is definitely for the guys and girls. Follow it up, shortly thereafter with a healthy dose of “Mean Girls,” to finish the evening off.

It’ll remind you WHO you are waiting for and why you don’t want to settle for anything else.

  • 4) Spa Me the Drama

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Forget the drama of Valentine’s Day guys and dolls.

Take all that brouhaha to a spa and get worked up there instead.

By worked up we mean worked on: mani, pedi, facial, haircut, massage, waxing etc.

  • 5) Eat me

Image via Pinterest -- a Vootbeer, which is Vodka and Rootbeer together.

No really. This is the Get Out of Jail card.

Veg out!

Steak, wine, beer, Doritos, funfetti cupcakes, cake pops… and a chaser of Diet Coke somewhere for good measure.

Oh, and don’t forget Beyonce.

Boys, I know you and Kanye, both, love this song:

… and then you can make fun of Joe Jonas…

… and umm, Justin Timberlake too..

  • 6) Anti-Hearts Day

Image via Pinterest -- dorky V-Day pressie for your friends. Everyone needs chapstick!

Courtesy of a bestie of mine from home, Darlene, I give you Anti-Hearts Day:

  1. Dress up guys and dolls.
  2. Swap gifts (preferably handmade and quite silly)
  3. Make a fancy dinner with AH-MAZING cocktails.
  4. Watch a movie in all your finery.

If fact, Darlene said some of her friends who are couples, forgo V-Day to hang out at the Anti-Hearts party!

So there you go. Take the pressure off 🙂

  • 7) Indulge yourself

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When He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named broke this girl’s heart and left her, do you know what I did on Valentine’s Day?

I dressed up in my editrix BCBG boots (or as others have called them ‘the weapons,’) pencil skirt, red sweater and pearls.

Then I took my happy little derrière to New York Fashion Week and in the evening went to see my favourite Brazilian singer, Ivete Sangalo, live at Radio City Music Hall.

It was a concert completely in Italian, by Italians for Italian television…

But hey, I wanted to see Ivete and I sat there in my comfy red cushion chair for 5-hours in order to do so.

It was AH-MAZING!!!

I was in front! 🙂

Is there something you want to do and it happens to be available on Valentine’s Day?



  • 8.) Hobby!

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Is there a hobby that you’ve always had and loved and happened to have been neglecting?

Umm, this is your opportunity to restart it.

Pour yourself a glass of wine, order some pizza (yes, I see the contrast), put on some Frank Sinatra and get moving!

  • 9) Flowers!

Image via Pinterest of Lana Del Rey

If you love flowers.

Buy them for yourself.

In fact, buy yourself a new vase to put them in too while you are at it!

  • 10) Share

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We saved this one for last because we think it coincides with #1…

Spend this Valentine’s Day with someone in your life who needs someone to be there for them.

Whether it was a death, going through a rough time, family issues or a breakup that brought them down — there has to be someone you know that needs a friend.


Nothing says love, more than friendship, and nothing says friendship more than love.


… and if that isn’t enough, just a few tips on how to get by:

  1. Don’t define yourself by your relationship status.
  2. Understand that Valentine’s Day is a commercial holiday and once upon a time there was such a thing as the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre.
  3. If you’re recently single, allow yourself to grieve. It’s okay. Look for friends to help you get through it.
  4. Plan in advance what you want to do that day/night, so you don’t get stuck feeling low at the last minute.
  5. If you’re ready to be in a relationship and haven’t found that person yet — make list of the kind of relationship and person you’re looking for for you own sanity in the future.
  6. If you’re single and don’t want a relationship — affirm your choice to yourself. Nothing is wrong with that.
  7. Go to the gym and get some endorphins into your body. It’ll help with #3.
  8. Get together with people who love you 🙂



What are some of your suggestions

on things to do for

Valentine’s Day?


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