{Beautirati} Lana Del Rey “Born to Die” Inspired Makeup Tutorial

“Feet don’t fail me now
Take me to the finish line”

Enjoy! 🙂

Lana Del Rey “Born to Die” inspired makeup tutorial:

This tutorial was designed for someone to wear daily, if they wish too. It wasn’t designed to be as theatrical as Lana’s, hence I call it “inspired by.”

I hope you like it! 🙂

  • Eyes:

  1. Black Mascara РLanc̫me Hypn̫se Doll Lashes
  2. False Lashes (optional)
  3. Black Liquid Liner – MAC Fluidline “Blacktrack” and/or Hard Candy Walk the Line Black liquid eyeliner
  4. Neutral eyeshadow palette – Smashbox Softbox
  5. Eye shadow base – MAC Paint Pot in “Chilled on Ice”

MAC's Chilled On Ice

Liquid eye liner brushes - Vera Bradley brush LEFT MAC Cosmetics brush RIGHT

Hard Candy Walk the Line

  • Lips:

  1. Lipglass
    • MAC “HotHouse”
    • MAC “Venetian”
  2. MAC Pro Longwear Lustre Lipgloss in “Gypsy Rose” with shimmer
  3. Red Lip Liner (optional) -  I didn’t use one, my lips have a natural line

  • Face:

  1. Face powder – MAC NC40 Studio Fix
  2. Blush -  MAC “Gleeful”
  3. Blush – MAC “Ambering Rose”
  4. Concealer – MAC NC35

“Don’t make me sad, don’t make me cry
Sometimes love is not enough and the road gets tough
I don’t know why”

Tutorial below:-

  • Step 1

Take your eyeshadow base and apply it all over your entire eyelid. I used MAC’s paint pot in “Chilled on Ice.”

Another favourite primer that I enjoy using is the Urban Decay eye shadow Primer Potion.

Apply the “Fizz” (top left-hand-corner of palette) to the entire bottom eyelid.

Blend properly.

Make sure that it isn’t ‘caked’ on, but that there is a generous amount of eyeshadow on the lower lid so that it is neutral, but pigmented enough to show up against other colours.

  • Step 2

Then take a matte tone, in this case “Pebble” (center top) of my Smashbox palette,  and apply to the brow bone in the center of your eye.

Below is the brush touching my brow bone so you can see WHERE to put it.

DO NOT blend into the bottom of your eyelid where the ivory eyeshadow is.

This tone should be apply across the brow bone from the inner eye to the outer eye without ever touching the bottom lid.

  • Step 3

Take a deeper shade, either grey or a darker brown (or deep bronze) and apply this shade to the outer corner of your eye.

I used “Minx” from my palette (top right-hand corner.)

Another great alternative that I’m quite partial too are MAC’s “Mothbrown,” “Smut” or “Beautyburst.”

a unblended version of my curvy P

Blend it gently to the area on the brow bone with the matted tone is.

The end desire look is a type of curvy “P,” where the top of the “P” shape is at the outer corner of your eyes.

  • Step 4

With your eyeliner, I used MAC’s fluidline in “Blacktrack,” draw a line on the outer corner of your eye as to where your wing will appear.

If you are uncomfortable using liquid, use a pencil.

Then draw a straight line from the edge of that wing that you just outline the edge of to your eyelid.

my imperfect spotty dotty line that needs to be blended and filled in

It should come to about the center of your lid.

As you can see, mine is dotty and I extended it a little further into my lid. But that’s okay.

Just remember this line is your GUIDE.

Fill in the empty spots with eyeliner.

Before you go any further, because now we are going to apply to final liquid eyeliner, dust the top of your brow bone, just below your eyebrow with a highlighting, neutral eyeshadow.

I went back and used “Fizz” (which I also used at the bottom.)

Another great alternative that I love is Urban Decay’s “Midnight Cowboy Rides Again.” It’s one of my favourite eyeshadows …EVER.

Make sure you also apply this shadow to the inner corner of your eyelids on the bottom.

This will bring out a natural sparkle in your eyes.

  • Step 5

Using the guide, take your liquid eyeliner, for this I used Hard Candy’s Walk the Line, and draw a crisp line at the top of your guide-line.

Slowly and carefully, extend that line, extremely thin, to the inner corner of your eye.

  • Step 6

Apply an generous amount of mascara to the top of your lashes.

Usually, two coats will do wonders.

I used Lancôme Hypnôse Doll Lashes for this.

In the music video Lana uses false lashes, but, I’m not a fan of false lashes, so I honestly never ever use them.

A perfectly-perfect Lana Del Rey inspired eye 🙂

False lashes  cab be used to create a more dramatic effect.

A perfectly-perfect Lana Del Rey inspired eye 🙂

I also used, as you can see in the photo above, a very light amount of mascara on my bottom lashes to create slight depth.

AFTER I applied the mascara, I used a bit of “Sienna” from my Smashbox palette (bottom right-hand corner), and using a eyeliner brush, brush it below the mascara on my lower eyelid.

I used “Sienna” in place of using a eyeliner at the bottom of my eye, and I also used it because it’s a natural brown.

The purpose of using “Sienna” is to create depth and make your eyes pop out a little bit more without being bland or going over the top.

See below:-

MAC Gypsy Rose Pro Longwear Lustre Lipgloss with golden shimmer on top

MAC Gypsy Rose Pro Longwear Lustre Lipgloss with golden shimmer on top

  • Step 7

This is me, above, without any lipstick on.

Just the eyes done.

Before moving to the other steps.

Use a clean brush, and do any necessary blending to your eyelids.

MAC's Ladybug Lipstick with a small amount of MAC Venetian Lipglass ontop

  • Step 8

Apply your blush.

I used MAC’s “Ambering Rose” FIRST, then I dabbled onto my apples of my cheeks MAC’s “Gleeful” which is a mineralized blush.

In the photos  you’ll see a wide variety of lipstick combinations, since I did this look about three (3) times and that’s the variety of photos you see!

  • MAC’s “Ladybug” lipstick with MAC’s “Venetian” lipglass on top
  • MAC’s “Ladybug” on its own
  • MAC’s “Venetian” lipglass by itself
  • MAC’s “HotHouse” Lipglass on it’s own
  • A light amount of MAC’s “Gypsy Rose” Pro Longwear Lustre Lipgloss with the golden shimmer it came with on top

I naturally have a line around my lips… so I don’t use lipliner. Whichever ones I do own, I don’t really use. Hence, for you it’s optional.

Hope you enjoy!

MAC's Venetian Lipglass

MAC HotHouse Lipglass

MAC's Ladybug Lipstick with a small amount of MAC Venetian Lipglass ontop

MAC Gypsy Rose Pro Longwear Lustre Lipgloss with golden shimmer on top


MAC Gypsy Rose Pro Longwear Lustre Lipgloss with golden shimmer on top


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