Be a Total Sweetheart with Victoria’s Secret!

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We all know I’m obsessed with Victoria’s Secret.

So much so, that I often think there should be a club like AA for people who are addicted to glittering, pink, sparkly bras, night-shirts and panties

With New York Fashion Week approaching, Victoria’s Secret PINK has come out with Total Sweetheart. It’s a demi-bra holding true to the PINK line of all things flirty, fun and super soft.

We’re huge fans of the push-up bra, we won’t lie. When your boobies are the size ours are, sometimes you need a little *ahem* lift. But other times, it’s just about helping your posture and making your girls straight along with it.

Not sure what’s the right bra for you? Try this: Bra 101 (bra guide)

That’s one of the things we’ve always loved about the t-shirt bra as well as the bras that PINK features. 

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So the Total Sweetheart Bra is perfect.

Lightly lined and lightly padded with a solid demi-shape, it’s ideal for wearing tanks, t-shirts and spaghetti straps (should you decide not to go strapless).

This is also a great bra for racerback pieces such as dresses and tanks (which is what I love the most about it). So much so, that if you place an order with Vicky’s between January 26 and February 2 (in the store or online), they’ll give you a free racerback tank to wear with the bra.

You really can’t go wrong.

The bra comes in the usual 32A-B, 34A-D, 36B-D with a colour scheme of Marine Blue, Gypsy Rose, Reality Bites (green), Sweet Talk (purple), Buff (heritage leopard print), Tri White (multicolored leopard print), Black, Naked, Riviera (pink), Buff (nude with print lace) and Jet Lag (Grey).

We’re personally quite fond of Gypsy Rose because we have a MAC Pro Longwear Lip Gloss by the same name to match 🙂

No lie.

As a huge fan of anything Lacie, PINK has some great lace-trimmed thongs (panties) to match the bras.

Take a looksy:-


I know one of my favourite things about the PINK line so far is their Collegiate Collection.


  • What about you?
  • Any plans on purchasing the demi or anything else from the Total Sweetheart line?
  • What about future products? Is there anything specific you’d like to see?

Write in the comments below and tell us!


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  1. Love Victoria’s Secret! would definitely have to check in the store for sizing since sometimes their PINK collection isn’t for those of us with more..ample chest area so to speak!

  2. Rmsteinman says

    All of these bras are super cute!!!  I’m definitely interested in purchasing one (or possibly two 😉 ).  If they combine the collegiate and sweetheart line I would own the entire combo collection!!

  3. The Gator line is the best…. of COURSE!

  4. YES! SOO MUCH YES! I recently bought a bra with rhinestones at VS semi annual sale- at first I was apprehensive about buying a bra with rhinestones- because well what’s the point, why have rhinestones and sparkles that no one can see. But I fell in love with it, and I’m glad to know I’m not the only one!! 🙂

  5. Can’t wait to try it in “Sweet Talk” 😉

  6. As per usual lovely collection – but l’m going to agree with Michelle and ask for more PINK for more ampled girls. lol