Ultimate Sexy Chic: Little Pink 2011 Holiday Gift Guide [Beauty]

It’s that time of year again and this year we’re super excited to share with you some of our favourites.

As with our earlier Holiday Primping Guide, we hope you enjoy it and find it useful!

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  • Amika

You may remember this item from our Holiday Primping Guide, but it deserves a return appearance because while it’s a great travel set for you, it’s also a great travel set to give as a gift.

Whether it’s your girlfriend, best friend, sister, mother, cousin or co-worker, we all know a woman out there who could use one of these.

I own the giraffe set above (the hair dryer comes with a diffuser too, for curly hair, btw), but this season they came out with a “Silver Go-Go” set for the 2011 season available at Sephora.

  • Lashtastic

No matter what your budget this holiday season, any girl will appreciate a good mascara.

Most people who have read Little Pink Blog know that I’m a huge fan of MAC’s Mascara X as well as Dior Diorshow Blackout.

But I use more than just that.

First things first, get a good primer.

I’ve recently been turned on to Garden Bontanika’s Lash Primer and I like it. It thickens and it lengthens lashes.

The texture nice and isn’t too thin or too much like goop as most primers tend to be.

Like with all lash primers, put it on eye lashes (I tend to use only on my top lashes) as you would regular mascara and let it dry.

Once the primer is dried, apply regular mascara of choice.

Garden Botanika

In terms of mascara, as I think this is a great gift, whether your budget is $5 or $50.00, pair the lash primer above with one of these:

For the hot summer, or days that will be spent with a lot of crying involved, I suggest the Avon Extralsting mascara because it won’t bloody move, sweat or run. I warn you though, like with all longwear products, it does smell a bit funny.

For the Tammy Faye-sexy look go for Maybelline Falsies. I really like the one in the purple tube because I think it’s that perfect amount of oooopmh! without too much of the oooooooo! Also, because of the price point, I tend to keep this one in my purse when I’m out and about for touch-ups.

For a sophisticated, sleek and extremely tailored look, go with the Lancôme Hypnôse or the MAC Studio Fix mascara. They are extremely similar in application and I’m a huge fan of both. I really love the intense pigment of the MAC Studio Fix mascara, but I really love the brush on the Lancôme Hypnôse one as well.

  • MAC Holiday 2011  – Ice Parade (Warm or WinterCool)

Ah, MAC… love them.

I just love the Holiday 2011 collection.

It’s sparkly, sleek and oh, so sexy!

The best thing about this collection: the brushes.

Think about it in economically, sure these sets retail for $50 USD+, but inside of them, you get three mini-MAC makeup brushes. That’s a steal because some MAC makeup brushes retail for $65 a piece!

The entire kit is extremely festive, fun and I think it’s an all-in-one awesome gift.

MAC website, here.

  • Smashbox

One of the brands that I’m really into this year is Smashbox. You might remember that I wrote about one of their Softbox eye shadow palettes earlier this year.

I love their Photo Finish Hydrating primer because it hydrates your face and it goes on clear. This is essentially the perfect gift for anyone with dry to combination skin. After makeup is applied and it oxidizes, this Hydrating  primer clings to it and will give skin a healthy, glowing appearance.

Another item I really like is the Photo Finish Foundation primer because it’s velvety and dries absolutely flawlessly. (EXTRA TIP: You can also use this to tame your frizzies in your hair!)

Aside from that, their products are just gorgeous and so highly pigmented that any girl will love them.

Especially, the Photo Op Eye Shadow Trios. I think these are a great alternative to purchasing a full-blown 6+ shade makeup palette because it’s simple, small and can be utilized in a variety of different ways.

Look at the gorgeous colouring below:-

  • Burt Bee’s

People tend to forget that this brand exists, but rest assured they are alive and well. For the girl (or guy) who is a bit more classic, definitely look into Burt Bee’s.

Look into purchasing the Cotton Extract for Sensitive Skin collection:

What’s so great about this entire line, is that Burt Bee’s set up a section on their website to help you understand what makes skin sensitive and how to tackle it, here.

The line tackles eyes, nighttime, daytime and facial cleansing — which are basically the essentials to keeping your face beautiful, smooth and flawless.

This set is great for someone who works a lot of hours, a student, some who is extremely active in sports or someone who you know has sensitive skin.

The eye cream is by far my favourite from this set because it really helps with puffiness and itchy eyes.

The new Burt Bee’s Tinted Lip Balms are something I’m excited about because they’re so darn cute.

I don’t know about you, but I know at least four girls who I can name who are addicted to lip balm.

Yes, you read that right.

So much so, that one of them is going to be gifted these babies for Christmas because she’s obsessed.

When trying to figure out the perfect shade to gift (or for yourself), definitely check out the Burt Bee’s “Perfect Shade” finder test on their website.

My ideal shade, incidentally was “Tiger Lily” 🙂

  • Hard Candy “Walk the Line” Liquid Eyeliners

These I discovered earlier this year at New York Fashion Week inside the GBK/Anna Martin’s Lounge.

I really fell in love with the black liquid eyeliner that I had received, so much so that I wanted to see the others.

What I love about these liquid eyeliners are two things: the application process is smooth because the texture of the product is rich and the pigment is deep and velvety.

The best part about this is that you can apply it very thinly on your upper lid for a more natural look.

Also, because of the price point (available at Wal-Mart) these make a good stocking stuffer, or purchase more than one, make a gift out of it.

I’ve only been familiar with Rae Cosmetics for about a month now, but I really do like them.

This glittering set includes a mineral eyeshadow palette filled with three crease-resistant, icy shades.  The Icicle Set also includes a smudge-proof, long lasting eyeliner and water-resistant lush Silk Mascara.

This set is great for a glittery smokey eye during any season.

… and we know I’m a sucker for anything sparkly.

  • Butter London’s Holiday 2011 Trio

This is part of their Holiday 2011 collection and we’ve been obsessed. We’ve tweeted ((Oct. 30, Nov. 7, Nov. 8, Nov.20) about it very often, because we’ve become obsessed. Not only that, but everyone who sees our nails has been obsessed too. So this is a win-win.

Therefore, these merit a thrice return to one of our list.

Here’s the cool thing about Butter London, you can purchase the polishes in sets of 3, so you can purchase them as a trio and gift them very easily.

The collection is:

  • Tart with a Heart ($14 USD)

COLOUR DESCRIPTION: Tart With A Heart – Who says pink glitter can’t be girly AND sexy?! This pale pink parade of glitter carries a dash of grey to tone down the sugar and ramp up the spice.

DICTIONARY DEFINITION: Tart With A Heart – The British version of a “Hooker with a heart of gold”, or a fallen woman with a kind soul.

  • Fairy Lights ($14 USD)

COLOUR DESCRIPTION: Fairy Lights – Be a beacon to bad boys and the life of the party in dazzling “liquid metal” rose pink.

DICTIONARY DEFINITION: Fairy Lights – Fairy Lights are what the English call small white Christmas tree lights.

  • The Black Knight ($14 USD)

COLOUR DESCRIPTION: The Black Knight – A dark dazzler from butter LONDON, this glitter fusion contains black, pink, blue, and silver suspended in a black base.

DICTIONARY DEFINITION: The Black Knight – The Black Knight is a beloved Monty Python character from The Holy Grail.

They are just glittery, sparkly and absolutely deliciously fun! I can’t even begin to convey the glee and sense of princess-ness I feel when I see them shining in the sunlight or under a bright lamp. Any girl would love to have these.

Also, if you’re interested in going the extra mile, definitely check into getting her the Top & Tails base and top coat set ($25 USD) from Butter London as well.

Having pretty coloured finger nails is great, but nail care is important!

Purchase online, here.

  • Shatter

No surprises here, if you have a daughter, girlfriend, sister, female cousin or know some woman in your life, you’ve had to have heard of the Shatter (or Crackle) nail polish craze.

My favourite line from all the brands available is OPI.  I think the quality is second to none, it’s rich in pigment and it doesn’t smell like something died on your nails.

Now something interesting that I’ve come across are imPRESS Manicure press-on nails.

Unlike a lot of other brands out there, they aim at being urban-chic and trendy (so much so, that Nicole Scherzinger is their spokeswoman.)

Pussycat, yes!

Compare the press-on nails to Shatter:

imPRESS next to my nail with OPI Black Onyx on

imPRESS next to my nail with OPI Black Onyx and Silver Shatter on top

So obviously, nails will come out looking salon-perfect with imPRESS versus if you do Shatter yourself, but it really depends on the person.

Either way, I think both the imPRESS and OPI Shatter make a great stocking stuffer.

Why not get both?






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