#MusicMonday – Interview with Bad Rabbits

with Dua Boakye from Bad Rabbits

Considered part of a new wave of indie-soul artists, Bad Rabbits is a breath of fresh air.

While they ask their audience to dance the electric slide and cover hits from Michael Jackson in their set list, these guys from Boston are a unique addition to the current music scene.

As American as their diverse heritages, they use their personal histories and inspirations to create the music they make.

As a part of the RLife LIVE Music Series put on by the Renaissance Hotels, I had the pleasure of attending their Times Square concert and sitting down with the band afterward for a chat.

“Bad Rabbits are the American Dream.

The collective first generation sons of Indian, Argentinean, Ghanaian and Israeli lineage with a single son of liberty are your tired, hungry and poor invading this nation with a unique hybrid sound that has garnered attention from hip hop heads, hipsters and hardcore loyalists alike.

F*** immigration reform – if the pitiful pilgrims running this country had any taste in music at all, Bad Rabbits would be the gang breaking down borders and barriers from coast to coast and album to album.”

They are:

  • Dua Boakye – Vocals
  • Sheel Davé – Drums
  • Salim Akram – Guitar
  • Graham Masser – Bass
  • Santi Araujo – Guitar

Check it out —

Sasha: You guys are from Boston, right? How did you get together?

Dua: Half of us went to school together. I met Salim at a house party.

Sasha: How random. Good luck then?

Dua: Oh yea, completely. You could say we started straight out of school.

Sasha: So tell me, do you find that your different cultures are reflected in your music? I was reading that you guys are all from different backgrounds — Argentina, Ghana, Israel, India, Liberia etc.

Dua: We celebrate that we’re diverse. We are the American dream really. We the product of hard working American families, just doing our thing. Punk music may be our background, but what do is really our own style.

Sasha: Very cool. So then, what influences you the most?

Dua: We’re definitely this funk, punk, indie-soul band. So it’s a big mix — Michael Jackson, Bobbie Brown — those guys. Oh, and Prince. Prince is epic.

Sasha: Why Prince?

Dua: *laughs* Hell, why not?

Sasha: Fair enough. Tell me more about your music.

Dua: Music — hmm, our music is independent.

Sasha: What do you mean? Independent in what sense?

Dua: We do what we want and what we feel. That’s what I meant about Prince and Michael Jackson. That’s what freedom is: it’s expression… there are no restrictions. It’s like mixing country music and reggae.

Sasha: How so?

Dua: It’s having the confidence to do the music the way you hear it in your head, and not abiding by anyone else’s standards.

Sasha: I see. That’s very interesting.  So I’m curious then, what’s the most important thing about your music that you wish or would want people to ‘see’ when they hear it?

Dua: That everyone just smiles.

Sasha: *laughs* I like that! … Your family is West African, yes? So is there someone from your culture who you think influences you, that no one ever would think?… I mean I know you like Prince and all —

Dua: “Purple Rain” — ah, “Purple Rain” love that film. It inspired me so much, musically. I was 12.

Sasha: And West African singers? Any?

Dua: Fela Kuti. Everyone knows Fela Kuti. He’s the man over there. He was this activist with his music and his soul.  I feel like I’m slowly doing that. It’s like he made people think while doing.

Sasha: In what sense?

Dua: You know Adele, right?

Sasha: *nods* Love her… “Rolling in the Deep”… “Chasing Pavements…”

Dua: Exactly!  Breakups can be inspirational. My breakups inspire me. Like Adele, heartbreak it’s a powerful thing. It moves people. It’s an incredible emotion. Our emotion is first in our music.
Thanks to Dua for taking time to speak with me.
Good luck guys.
Until next time! 🙂


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