Happy Birthday To Me, But It’s Really For YOU!

It’s my birthday!

On December 10, 2011 I turn another year older (or younger if you’re into my way of thinking!)

Time to break out the pink bubbly!

So to celebrate in true Sasha-pinkalicious-girlie-awesome fashion, Little Pink Blog has partnered with Vitabath to gift one lucky Little Pink Blog reader with a basket filled with goodies!

Here’s the information —


The shower caddy and  pink pouf pictured above with four deliciously fragranced 12oz body washes that are the ENTIRE Cupcake Couture collection from Vitabath

  • Dreamy Pink Frosting
  • Luscious Lemon Creme
  • Heavenly Coconut Creme
  • Scrumptious Vanilla Sugar


There are up to five (5) ways to win!



December 1, 2011 – 9 a.m. EST


December 10, 2011 – midnight EST

Boa Sorte!



Sasha H. Muradali runs the Little Pink Blog (formerly Little Pink Book PR). She holds a B.S. Public Relations from the University of Florida with a minor in Dance (’07) and an M.A. International Administration with a concentration in Communication from the University of Miami (’08). She loves Twitter (@SashaHalima), Harry Potter and the colour pink. Get a copy of the Little Pink Blog delivered to your Kindle and find us on Facebook.

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  1. Carol Green says

    Been using Vitabath for 30 Years!
    Keeps this old girl’s skin smooth and dreamy!!
    My favorite  is the original Green! ( like my name!)

    ~Carol Green

  2. Rings, jings, and other fine things? Or ribbons, laces, and sweet pretty faces.. That’s what girls are made of. 🙂 I know my mother goose. 

  3. Actually just ate a sugar spice cookie! MMmm.. 🙂 Happy Birthday Sasha!

  4. Pink it was love at first sight
    Pink when I turn out the light
    Yeah pink
    it’s like red but not quite.

  5. You are sweet and everything nice Sasha!  xoxo Happy almost birthday!! 

  6. Oh la la definitely like that and happy early birthday!!!

    This is such a sweet contest! 😉

  7. Sweet as sugar and with a kick like spice, that is what makes Sasha so nice! 🙂

  8. I asked him what “sugar and spice” made him think of.
    “Girls,” he told me. “What about you?”
    “Bubbles and bath salts,” I said.

  9. Njpledger2 says

    Love this collection! Naughty and nice sugar and spice is exactly what we need this holiday season!

  10. Njpledger2 says

    I follow Vitabath on FB

  11. Njpledger2 says

    I follow Vitabath on twitter

  12. Njpledger2 says

    I follow Sasha on Twitter

  13. Bath kit looks so sweet and nice, but I’ll save the sugar for the kitchen sweets!

  14. Bath kit looks so sweet and nice, but I’ll save the sugar for the kitchen sweets!

  15. I like the Little Pink Blog on FB. (Lauren Peterson)

  16. I like the Little Pink Blog on FB. (Lauren Peterson)

  17. I like Vitabath on FB. (Lauren Peterson)

  18. Njpledger2 says

    And I follow the Little pink blog on FB. Thanks soooo much!!

  19. I follow @SashaHalima on Twitter @dopeymouse05.

  20. I follow @Vitabath on Twitter @dopeymouse05.

  21. Shann Kerr says

    Let’s see sugar and spice and everything nice? What could be better than the sweet sugary smell of Vitabath’s Cupcake Couture Collection? Spice reminds me of the cinnamon candles my mom loves to light for the holidays and everything nice…well let’s just go ahead and say LIFE. Everything nice is what you make of it. And to me, my life is full of everything nice.I pay it forward. 🙂 Cheers and Love to all!

  22. Jennifer Rodenhiser says

    Sugar in the morning , sugar in the evening, sugar at supper time! Spice it up all day and this will make everything nice!

  23. Kalei7796782 says

    Oh gosh, I would love those and it would be perfect cause I will be 34 on Dec 20.

  24. I like the Little Pink Blog on Facebook 🙂

  25. I like vitabath on Facebook

  26. Something of sugar and spice and everything nice! 

  27. I’ve liked Vitabath on facebook!

  28. sugar- christmas candy canes are amazing, spice is the pumpkin spice in holiday lattes and everything nice would be the kindness people show around the holidays

  29. Vin brulé (mulled wine)…a touch of sugar, a kick of spice and oooh so nice fireside!  Happy holidays!

  30. abc123