Fairy Lights, The Black Knight & Tart with a Heart by Butter London Swatches

against my faux-fur Trina Turk vest I'm obsessed with

The 2011 Holiday collection is the latest trio of polishes by nail brand, Butter London.

I must say, I’ve been obsessing over these three polishes since I got my hands on them three weeks ago (Oct. 30, Nov. 7, Nov. 8, Nov.20).

They are just glittery, sparkly and absolutely deliciously fun! I can’t even begin to convey the glee and sense of princess-ness I feel when I see them shining in the sunlight or under a bright lamp.

The collection is:

  • Tart with a Heart

COLOUR DESCRIPTION: Tart With A Heart – Who says pink glitter can’t be girly AND sexy?! This pale pink parade of glitter carries a dash of grey to tone down the sugar and ramp up the spice.

DICTIONARY DEFINITION: Tart With A Heart – The British version of a “Hooker with a heart of gold”, or a fallen woman with a kind soul.

  • Fairy Lights

COLOUR DESCRIPTION: Fairy Lights – Be a beacon to bad boys and the life of the party in dazzling “liquid metal” rose pink.

DICTIONARY DEFINITION: Fairy Lights – Fairy Lights are what the English call small white Christmas tree lights.

  • The Black Knight

COLOUR DESCRIPTION: The Black Knight – A dark dazzler from butter LONDON, this glitter fusion contains black, pink, blue, and silver suspended in a black base.

DICTIONARY DEFINITION: The Black Knight – The Black Knight is a beloved Monty Python character from The Holy Grail.

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Above is Fairy Lights with Tart with a Heart on top of it.

To me, Fairy Lights is a chrome pale pink. It resembles liquid metal with a rosy hue.

I don’t think it’s the type of polish I would wear on its own, because that’s not my style. But I definitely LOVE, and I mean flat our ADORE it, with Tart with a Heart on top.

I used OPI Nail Envy Original as a base coat and top coat.

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This is The Black Knight.

I use it with Butter London’s Chimmey Sweeps as a base coat, because it’s not a highly pigmented glitter, being that, well, it’s mostly glitter.

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What I love about this one in particular is that because of its combination of glitter specs, it s a darkly dazzling polish.

I think it’s simply great for special occasions, holidays or anytime in the fall. Heck, if you’re me,  you might even end up wearing this as the guest to wedding or some black-tie event in the middle of spring or the summer.

That’s how versatile I think The Black Knight is.

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And while at it, why not shake it up a little bit.

Polish your nails in every other colour for the heck of it! 🙂

Definitely, definitely check them out if you can.

Purchase online, here.


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