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MUST HAVES: Guide to Perfectly Primping for the Holiday Season

Trina Turk's Braden Vest with simple white t-shirt from The Gap and Kooba bag

So I don’t know about you — but the holiday season can be rather stressful.

It’s fun, and my favourite time of the year, but seriously?

All the preparations, all the “I don’t know what to wear,” “Crap, I already wore that,” “My head hurts,” “My mascara isn’t going on straight,” “Manicure. Like. Right. Now.” “I broke a nail,” “Who plans a holiday happy hour at 5 p.m.? Some of us work,” “Ugh, they will be there? I don’t want to go anymore, must I?” — Yes, all of that. We’ve all been there. Done. That.

Now here’s how to amend the feelings… just a tad.

From moi to você, a guide of must own items to transition from winter to spring to summer to autumn and back again, setting the right moods and surviving aside from ample amount of Advil and other things…

Enjoy 🙂 [Read more…]