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Fragrance & Wisdom: Diane von Furstenberg Launches ‘Diane’

Diane von Furstenberg: style, success, fame and staying power.

From marrying a prince once upon a time, to being one of the world’s most iconic designers, Furstenberg added another facet to her lengthy portfolio in 2011 by coming out with a fragrance.

Designed over the course of two years to capture her timeless style, it is the infusion of her world in a bottle.

‘Diane,’ the fragrance, which bears the name she was born with, is bright, glamorous and magnetic.

One of my favourite quotes that Furstenberg ever said, was taken out of a Harper’s Bazaar article written about her in March 2011, DVF Up Close: Chuck Close Portrait of Diane Von Furstenberg .

“Beauty is perfect in its imperfections, so you just have to go with the imperfections.”

– Diane von Furstenberg

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