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Fairy Lights, The Black Knight & Tart with a Heart by Butter London Swatches

against my faux-fur Trina Turk vest I'm obsessed with

The 2011 Holiday collection is the latest trio of polishes by nail brand, Butter London.

I must say, I’ve been obsessing over these three polishes since I got my hands on them three weeks ago (Oct. 30, Nov. 7, Nov. 8, Nov.20).

They are just glittery, sparkly and absolutely deliciously fun! I can’t even begin to convey the glee and sense of princess-ness I feel when I see them shining in the sunlight or under a bright lamp.

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MUST HAVES: Guide to Perfectly Primping for the Holiday Season

Trina Turk's Braden Vest with simple white t-shirt from The Gap and Kooba bag

So I don’t know about you — but the holiday season can be rather stressful.

It’s fun, and my favourite time of the year, but seriously?

All the preparations, all the “I don’t know what to wear,” “Crap, I already wore that,” “My head hurts,” “My mascara isn’t going on straight,” “Manicure. Like. Right. Now.” “I broke a nail,” “Who plans a holiday happy hour at 5 p.m.? Some of us work,” “Ugh, they will be there? I don’t want to go anymore, must I?” — Yes, all of that. We’ve all been there. Done. That.

Now here’s how to amend the feelings… just a tad.

From moi to você, a guide of must own items to transition from winter to spring to summer to autumn and back again, setting the right moods and surviving aside from ample amount of Advil and other things…

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Cachaça & Carnaval: Couture Culture with Brazilian Style! [GIVEAWAY]

Ah, Brazilian culture – it’s beautiful. So dynamic, so fervid and so unique.

As the only Portuguese-speaking nation in Latin America, it’s the land of the caipirinha, botos, the Amazon, samba and carnaval.

Where energy independence and strategically using their natural resources, have thrust them from third-world economic status to hosting the World Cup in 2014 and the Olympic Games in 2016.

Brazilian Style by Armand Limnander, Assouline’s most anticipated release for autumn, is the quintessential guide to celebrating and understanding the richness that is Brazil: the architecture, fashion, beauty, culinary arts, and culture.

Hardcover, 208-pages, rich colour and described as

Pelé, Oscar Niemeyer, caipirinhas, Sonia Braga, Vik Muniz, Ivo Pitanguy, Ipanema, Tropicália, and more…

Brazilian culture is rich with artists and architects, models and screen stars, festivals and religions.

Brazilian Style exports the country’s best—including legendary icons from the past as well as contemporary, cutting-edge trendsetters.

With evocative photography and succinct, fast-paced texts, the book takes readers on a curated tour of the most important symbols of modern and traditional Brazil.

Combining high and popular culture, Brazilian Style is a fresh and dynamic mix, capturing the spirit of one of the most vibrant nations on earth.

Splashed with delicious photographs, Brazilian names such as the gorgeous Gisele Bündchen, fashion designer Francisco Costa and the world’s best rubber flip-flops, Havaianas, grace the pages. [Read more…]

Wearing Karen Millen, Attending Global Fashion Awards [GIVEAWAY]

Sexy, sleek, sophisticated and chic.

That’s how I like to describe my own personal style.

That’s also how I like to describe Karen Millen.

Recently, I was invited to attend the WGSN Global Fashion Awards 2011 with Karen Millen sponsored by Swarovski. [Read more…]

Shoes & Inner Beauty: INTERVIEW with Miss USA Alyssa Campanella

Miss USA 2011 and Miss Teen USA, Alyssa Campanella and Danielle Doty, respectively, were in New York City Halloween weekend to raise awareness about breast cancer, and rett syndrome, visit Ground Zero and spend some time at Macy’s in Herald Square promoting Chinese Laundry and some of their favourite “Must Have’s” for the upcoming Fall season.

While, there, I had a chance to chat with both women about life, beauty and of course, shoes! [Read more…]

Fragrance & Wisdom: Diane von Furstenberg Launches ‘Diane’

Diane von Furstenberg: style, success, fame and staying power.

From marrying a prince once upon a time, to being one of the world’s most iconic designers, Furstenberg added another facet to her lengthy portfolio in 2011 by coming out with a fragrance.

Designed over the course of two years to capture her timeless style, it is the infusion of her world in a bottle.

‘Diane,’ the fragrance, which bears the name she was born with, is bright, glamorous and magnetic.

One of my favourite quotes that Furstenberg ever said, was taken out of a Harper’s Bazaar article written about her in March 2011, DVF Up Close: Chuck Close Portrait of Diane Von Furstenberg .

“Beauty is perfect in its imperfections, so you just have to go with the imperfections.”

– Diane von Furstenberg

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6 Pros and Cons of Traveling Solo

Traveling solo is an increasingly popular trend. The number of people holidaying alone has increased forty percent over the past decade. The common misconception that people travel alone because they have no other choice is changing.

There are many reasons why people opt to go it alone. People are generally more travel oriented, independent and adventurous than they once were.

With people marrying later coupled with a high divorce rate, there are many more single people around and most of them like to spend their downtime pursuing their own interests. Even some married couples vacation separately these days.

It’s often difficult to coordinate work commitments and vacation time with others and often partners and friends simply don’t share your interests.

Whether or not solo travel is the best choice for you, is largely a function of personality. If you are shy and have difficulty talking to strangers, or are prone to loneliness and depression when you are away from familiar people and surroundings, you are likely not cut out for solo travel. Vacationing alone can take you way outside of your comfort zone, which is precisely why it’s attractive to many people.

Solo travel is an adventure.

If you are thinking of taking the plunge and heading out on your own, consider these pros and cons. [Read more…]