Vibrant Prints, Natural Fabrics and Brazilian Flair: Meet Anunciação

Anunciacao Shop in Sao Paulo

The Little Pink Blog loves Brazilian fashion, and we love to bring you some of the beautiful designs and collections that usually stay under the radar outside of Brazil. One such hidden gem is Anunciação, headed by designer Maria Elvira Crosara, who started the label in 1988.

The brand is well-known and loved in Brazil (famous fans including singers Zélia Duncan and Marisa Monte), with a flagship shop in the ultra-chic Oscar Freire street in São Paulo. It’s also very pink, and we like that!

So as we build up to the next edition of São Paulo Fashion Week, we got an exclusive interview with Maria Elvira, who tells us about the inspiration behind her prints, patterns and designs.

It was always my dream to work in Fashion. I studied jewellery design in Firenze, Italy, where I also enrolled in some Fashion Design modules, which sparked an interest in that side of things, but did not make me change my course.

When I got back to Brazil aged 22, however, I started designing clothes.

The ideas for my collections come from the world around me, it could be anything… It can start with colours, themes or shapes, there is no set order. I send the themes and colour palettes to Catalina (illustrator Catalina Estrada) who puts together the prints, then we begin the creation process.

I love working with natural fabrics such as cotton and silk embellished with prints and embroidery; I think they are comfortable and a perfect match for the Brazilian climate.

The whole process of designing a piece is organic and fluid, with lots of input from various people in the workshop.

Sometime between me drawing a design and holding the finished piece in my hand, that design ceases to be exclusively mine, we work as a team and creation is a collective process.

What really makes our designs unique are the prints and patters, which are instantly recognizable.

They are our signature and have been since the early days. Although I take inspiration from all around the world, I do think that they are also very much Brazilian, because I live here.

I love the colour, vibrancy and sheer joy of Brazilian fashion, and I think that comes through in my designs; the flowers, the beach, that hot Summer feeling.

Brazilian fashion is really growing internationally at the moment, with a lot of designers getting the recognition they deserve on the world stage.

Our main focus and market are in Brazil, but we do sell abroad and our pieces are popular because of their versatility.

They can be worn during the day with sandals or accessorized with heels and jewellery for a sophisticated outing.

Right now we’re really excited about launching our virtual shop, which will allow a lot more people to get our designs wherever they are.

Maria Elvira is clearly passionate about her brand and the pieces she makes.

As this poem that we found on her website says, it’s really all about the love:

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