Paixão de Sapatos: Mauricio Medeiros and the Extra Four-Inches

Mauricio Medeiros Logo

Mauricio Medeiros is passionate about shoes: there is no question about that. And after interviewing this Brazilian designer and seeing his stunning creations, I became very passionate about them too.

In particular, while browsing past collections on his website, I came across these beauties here, which were not for sale, but, maddeningly, even had my name on them!

Alice Shoes

For Mauricio, shoes are not merely objects or accessories: They empower women and embody their most alluring qualities, magnifying and projecting them for the world to see.

He is an unusual combination of grounded businessman – who has launched a commercially successful brand – and romantic philosopher, as is clear when he talks about his education background:

“I did business management, but now I have come back to philosophy, and this has been my greatest pleasure, dedicating time to think about the essence of life and what I do.”

His pieces are not produced on a large scale (he employs a small and select team of 25 people) they are exclusive and cater to the top end of the Brazilian market, which is booming.

This probably accounts for the fact that we have not heard much about him outside of Brazil, but with such stunning work this may well be about to change, specially now that he has launched an e-commerce site where you can buy his latest creations directly.

Initially, it has launched in Brazil, but the plan is to roll out worldwide very soon.

As well as his commercial collections, Mauricio often makes one-off special pieces, like this stunning pair made of gold thread.

His favorite materials to work with are satin and supple leather that allows him to apply beautiful bejeweled embellishments such as hand-painted silk flowers.

Gold Shoes by Mauricio Medeiros

“Making shoes is in my blood: I come from a family of shoemakers where my parents, uncles and cousins all at some point worked in the industry.

I was practically born in a shoe factory, and when I was 12 I started working there when I wasn’t in school.

I learned about the entire process of creating shoes, from design to production.”

“This was back in 1981, and until 2000 I did not think to become a designer, but I had this desire to give women something different; to allow her to express in her choice of footwear this inner power that they already possess.”

Mauricio Medeiros Shoes

Initially he designed shoes to complement the collections of high-profile Brazilian designers such as Alexandre Herchcovitch, Carlos Miele, Jun Nakao and Andre Lima, but now his shoes – excuse the pun – stand alone.

Celebrities in Brazil adore them, with Marieta Severo, Malu Mader and Adriane Galisteu amongst his devotees.

“Women, in their entirety, are my inspiration: Their soul, sensibility, sensuality, femininity, their power and their mystery, as well as their curves. Whenever I took inspiration from places or objects in designing a collection I wasn’t as happy with the results, so I always come back to the essence that made me create this brand in the first place: Women as the protagonists of their own lives.”

Shoes by Mauricio Medeiros

“I think that what makes my designs special is that I really pay attention to very small details that are perceived by women in a more subliminal way, so that they awaken in them this power that they already have, but that they can project more confidently when wearing these heels.”

Pretty Shoes by Mauricio Medeiros

“I do see my designs as distinctively Brazilian – everything is made in Brazil apart from the Austrian Swarovski crystals – and I think it is the responsibility of those working in fashion here to be true to our heritage.

This does not mean using clichés, but instead using our work to express our culture, our history, and the diversity of our people.”

Brazilian Shoes by Mauricio Medeiros

“Our fashion industry is actually in an incredibly strong position; I’ve been to Italy, Japan and the USA, and the production processes for fashion in these countries is not as integrated and cohesive as what we have in Brazil.

We have never been in a stronger position globally, and this is an irreversible process, so I believe we will only grow from here.

Brazil is not merely another player in the world fashion stage; more and more it is going to dictate the rules of the game.”

Alice Bonasio is a Brazilian/American/Italian writer specializing in Digital Cultures, fashion, and all things Brazilian. She has been published in Gamestm, Edge, The Escapist and 360 and has recently finished an MA in Creative and Media Enterprises at the University of Warwick. She lives in England and is a PR Executive for one of the UK’s hottest tech start-ups, The Filter. Visit her website, contact her on LinkedIN and follow her on Twitter.

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