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Little Pink Mixology: 5 Devilish Halloween Martinis

By: Ashley Bryce and Liana Cole

“Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn, and caldron bubble.” Halloween is the time pull out the cauldron and brew magical potions. Halloween is also a time to party with witches and vampires, to interact with ghost and ghouls, and to party with the undead.

But since we are mere mortals I have five martinis that are sure to get you into the Halloween spirit.


Candy Corn Martini

Ingredients: [Read more…]

Paixão de Sapatos: Mauricio Medeiros and the Extra Four-Inches

Mauricio Medeiros Logo

Mauricio Medeiros is passionate about shoes: there is no question about that. And after interviewing this Brazilian designer and seeing his stunning creations, I became very passionate about them too.

In particular, while browsing past collections on his website, I came across these beauties here, which were not for sale, but, maddeningly, even had my name on them! [Read more…]