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Making the Most of your LinkedIn: An Insider’s Tutorial – Part 1

My LinkedIn Map

I have been a LinkedIn evangelist for quite a while now.

After a slow start where I left my profile unloved and untouched for almost a year, I came back to it about two years ago to find a dramatically improved site where searches went much more smoothly and came up with extremely relevant results most of the time.

The rapid growth of the network also meant that more of the people I was searching for were actually there to be found, and as Metcalfe’s law dictates, the value of any network increases exponentially according to the number of nodes (people) that belong to it.

With a lot of trial and error and several hundred hours spent on it, I have now explored a lot, if not most, of what LinkedIn has to offer, and it turns out to be a great deal. I now have well over 1000 direct connections in my network, which I’m told link me to well over 7 Million Professionals. [Read more…]