NYFW Fashion’s Night Out 2011: Mulberry, A|X, L’Occitane, DvF, Vera Wang etc.

As a way to kick start the economy by encouraging people to start shopping and spending money again in 2009, Fashion’s Night Out has become a contemporary fashion tradition.

Co-hosted by Vogue, its sister publications and taking place in 27 cities around the United States and 15 countries around the world, 2011 marked the first time many of the events were live streamed on the Internet as well as having products available online.

Like last year, I went out to SoHo in New York City with a few gal pals and you can see our little adventure below.

Enjoy 🙂

We started our evening at Armani Exchange who had customization stations and A|X signature cocktails on hand.

Desigual entertained their guests with live music.

Waiting in line for Kenneth Cole. Parachute was going to be there. But Susan wanted ballerina flats!

Nifty, isn’t it?

“The One Night Stand”

I would just like to say that Kenneth Cole had some of the best food and drinks on hand for one heck of an amazing shopping experience.

Plus, their staff was unbelievably kind and just super!

Eventually, we made our way to Vera Wang in order to scope out some cocktail dresses for upcoming Fall/Winter events.

While, waiting for Susan to finish trying on dresses… I got bored…

… then I met Vera Wang and my night was complete!

The Mila Kunis dress.

We met up with Amanda and Isabel 🙂

… and the tourists from Texas washed their hands at SABON.

The one issue with this was, that while both Susan and I needed to make purchases here, and did, we specifically waited for Fashion’s Night Out in order to see if SABON was going to do anything fun or special.

… they DID NOT.

Epic #fail.

But we had fun, regardless! *yay* for awesome body oils and soaps!

Mulberry was epic #awesome.

When you walk into a store and see boys dressed like this…

…serving you pretty drinks, cookies and other sets of fun, you cannot help but smile! 🙂

Plus, Mulberry had face painting!

… and giant golden purses.

… and fox masks! Heck, yes!!!

For no particular reason, I want to highlight my favourite purchase from Fashion’s Night Out… a snake bracelet from GUESS. I plan to wear this baby a lot.

70% off on sale. $10.72 including tax.


Finally, we headed over to L’Occitane en Provence for some good R&R and bits of French goodness.

They had the best sales and gift bags with purchase.

We lovvveeeee 🙂

Poor Isabel.

She fractured her footsie (not at FNO), so the good friend that Amanda is…

… she carried her!

We made it just in time to hang out and listen to great music at Cole Haan, while shopping for more ballerina flats and tote bags!

Would you like?

We ended our night at the fabulous Diane von Frustenberg store.

Amanda walked away with a sweet scarf and DvF pencils!




Fashion’s Night Out

New York!


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