Empire State of Sasha: Maison Ladurée Opens in New York

Hello rose petal, black-currant violet and salted caramel macarons and goodbye-slender waistline!

In a city overloaded with cupcakes, a new, extremely unique and dainty opponent has come into town.

A hundred years from now, when culinary historians are discussing the Great Cupcake Wars of the 21st century in New York City, they will discuss August 30, 2011 as the day Maison Ladurée opened its doors on the Upper East Side in the island of Manhattan.

The red velvets, chocolates, vanillas and buttercreams of the world better watch out!

This UES location is the first stateside for Maison Ladurée, a delectable Parisian patisserie.

Inside, are a wide variety of delicate scented candles, room sprays, candied flowers, chocolates, fruit jellies and miniature pastries.

But the one item you must go there for are their signature, sweet treats: the macaron.

Rose Petal

It’s a concoction of two feathery-light crispy shells that sandwich a soft, creamy and smooth center that melts in your mouth.

The macaron is a delicacy the company claims to have invented in 1930.

It was a true treat! 🙂

Maison Ladurée
864 Madison Avenue
New York City, New York
646 558 3157


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  1. je pense que celle le fraise est plus délicieux que les autres.