Empire State of Sasha: Brazilian Day New York 2011

For the past 27-years, Brazilian Day has been a modern-cultural New York City experience.

Held near 46th Street in Manhattan, known also as Little Brazil, groups and groups of Brazilians gather each year to celebrate their music, culture, food and heritage.

The event started as a way for Brazilians living abroad in the Empire State to feel a little closer to their native land and celebrate their nation’s Independence Day from Portugal.

In 2010, the New York City Police Department said that over one million people attended Brazilian Day New York.

In 2011, that number was easily shattered, as on September 4, 2011 over two million people were in attendance.

In fact, it was also a worldwide trending topic on Twitter, due in part, to the Luan Santana concert held to close out the day:

Luan Santana is a popular Brazilian sertanejo singer (Brazilian country music), and is what some consider to be the Justin Bieber of the Portuguese-speaking nation.

According to the Brazilian Day organizers, Brazilian Day New York is the largest Brazilian event outside of Brazil itself.

The non-governmental organization Brazil Information Center (BIC) said, there are an estimated one million Brazilian nationals living in the United States — 300,000 in the New York City TriState area, with 100,000 of them located in Queens, New York.

This year’s celebration was hosted by television personality Serginho Groisman, and aside from Santana, featured performances by Afro-Brazilian Samba group, Exaltasamba.

But of course, no Brazilian Day would be complete without a serpent or two.

After all, with the majority of the Amazon rain forest in the South American country, well, it just makes sense.

Yes,  that would be a dress made of Brazilian flag flowers finished with white Havaianas.

No Brazilian Day is complete without ample amounts of Havaianas in stock…everywhere!

jajaja, blue hair!

… and yellow hair!

The maxi dress and more Havaianas.


Just ask the folks over at Buzio’s Brazilian Boutique.

Marcela, the store’s owner, was selling out of jerseys all day!

The most popular?

Everything futebol, of course!

Bom dia! World Cup 2014!


… with foosball!

… and yummy Guarana.

…. and more yummy pão de queijo.

Ah, I love food.

This just fascinated me.

It’s like arroz con pollo, but not.

Rather, it’s yellow rice, beans, veggies, and pork, all cooked together, then stuffed back inside of a stripped pig, and cooked some more.

As someone who doesn’t eat pork, I had the chicken! 🙂

Ah, Minas cheese pastel…


Açúcar! Açúcar! Açúcar!

Delicious fresh sugar cane juice on demand!

To end the day, one must not forget the music.

Which of course, aside from the local food, was a favourite of mine!

It was awesome.

How could it not be?

Luan Santana flew across the stage!

One thing that could have made it better though?

A press pass! *ahem* 🙂

Happy 27th

Brazilian Day

New York!


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  2. Sasha!!!! Ur Blog looks awesome! Thanks for mentioning the store, darling! Thanks for helping me that day bringing churrasquinhos!! We were starving!!! Come by the store sometime! 😀