Bridesmaids DVD/Blu-Ray Launch with Carolina Bermudez [PICS]

Ruffle me pink!

I love a good party.

But more than that, as someone in the communications industry, I appreciate a well-planned party.

That’s totally what I got when I attended the Bridesmaids DVD/Blu-Ray launch party September 20 in New York City.

Much more than that it was laced in lots, and lots of pink!

From the flowers inside of stilettos, film props, to the pink candles and rose sparkling wine, it was a gorgeously intimate event hosted by Carolina Bermudez, of Z100.

I had a chance to speak to Carolina about women, dating and a few other things.

“I love bringing women together,” she said when I asked her why she wanted to host the party.

“There is nothing like a feel-good, funny film to bring people together. That’s what the movie is about anyway — it’s what’s important.”

I had remembered Carolina from when she was working for Y100 in Miami (which you would remember this Little Pink one is from).

Recently married, I asked her about all the dating stories she used to share on the radio, and her opinions on people who said she dated too much, and shared too much on the air.

“I can only be me. I’m a real person — I dated, I had horror stories, and a lot of them. But I found a great guy,” she explained.

AND he’s lucky me found me too!”

We think so too! 🙂

We talked briefly about people accepting who they are, and she added that that’s how she always felt about herself.

“I can’t be anyone else, I can only be me.”

Something very true, and a good rule of thumb for other women out there.

You are beautiful just the way you are — and if someone else can’t see it, then they just aren’t the right one.

Give them you ugly bridesmaid dress and they'll make it into something amazing!

… and on that note, speaking of the right one, no event is ever complete without some swag.

So besides for the cute Yellowtail (who also sponsored the event) bottles of wine, this was a sight for good ears! 🙂

Bridesmaids is out on DVD and Blu-Ray now, purchase here.


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