AmexFashion & Lykke Li Bring Music to DKNY Resort 2012 Collection

Donna Karan, Mary Alice Stephenson at the American Express Cardmember- Only DKNY 2012 Resort Collection Show

Every fashion season, credit card company American Express teams up with Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in order to provide their members with accessible access to a previously very inaccessible series of events, Fashion Week.

This season, they continued that tradition by merging fashion and music with a little help from Donna Karan.

Mary Alice Stephenson, Lykke Li, Donna Karan, Jessica Igoe American Express

In addition to their special finale runway performance, pre-planned to close out NYFW, with a performance by singer/songwriter Lykke Li, Amex was also able to feature the DKNY 2012 Resort Collection.

“Fashion for me is about shielding myself from the outside world, an extension of who I am and what I am trying to convey but also what I am trying to protect,” said Lykke Li. “It’s almost like dressing up for war, whatever makes you feel strong, safe and free.”

Lykke Li Performance for American Express Cardmember- Only DKNY 2012 Resort Collection Show

“We took a modern point of view,” explained Karan. “It’s about taking the body into the next dimension of clothing.”

Lykke Li Performance for American Express Cardmember- Only DKNY 2012 Resort Collection Show

With performances as startling as they are riveting, Swedish-born Lykke Li has grabbed the attention of critics and music fans all over the world since her debut album Youth Novels in 2008.

Channeling the demise of The Shangri-La’s Leader of the Pack, a Kung-fu Marianne Faithful and an armed Nancy Sinatra on peyote, Lykke Li’s latest record Wounded Rhymes is packed full of pounding, voodoo drums, girl group gang vocals, love unrequited, hope reignited and her own very powerful voice.

It’s a perfect fit for something as chic as the collections Karan is known for producing.

Donna Karan, Mary Alice Stephenson, Jessica Igoe

In addition, acclaimed stylist and fashion commentator Mary Alice Stephenson co-hosted the Cardmember-Only Show and provided a deeper look into the DKNY 2012 Resort Collection.

Following the pre-show cocktail reception, Stephenson joined Karan on the runway as the two discussed the collection’s inspiration (which looked very body-con-old-world) and the iconic designer’s approach to the world of fashion:

“They’re in the stores for the longest amount of time,” Karan said about the fifty looks in her collection loaded with versatility. “They’re meant to be worn every single night during the holiday season.”


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