Absolute Essentials for Autumn 2011

Now that Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week is over, it’s time to pull out some sweaters, cooler clothing, enjoy our friends coming to visit and concentrate on the  Autumn season.

With that little bit in mind, just like summer, below you’ll find some of our recommendations.

Enjoy! 🙂

  • Gaiam – Pointelle Knit Sweater

A sophisticated open cardigan sweater with a flowing, shawl style front and flyaway back to add movement and drama. Made from 54% organic cotton and 47% rayon made from sustainable bamboo.

I own this baby, and it’s fabulous.

Wearing it below under my leather jacket, at the Bridesmaids DVD/Blu-Ray release party with Carolina Bermudez.

It’s soft, comfortable and one heck of a great sweater! It’s cushy and snuggly.

One thing that I love about it is the length — it’s perfect for jeans or a dress. It’s also great to dress-up with or dress-down. It’s casual elegance.

Get it here.

  • Borghese’s Blush Milano

It comes in a variety of fabulous colours — but the ones for this season are:

  1. Pisa Rosewood
  2. Coral Elettrico
  3. Rosa Brilliante

I’m wearing Pisa Rosewood above, alongside their Milano Trio eye shadow set in II Bacio Gray.

I love these. The best thing about the eye shadow trio is that it’s great for doing the 1970s smokey eye that’s very popular these days.

It’s something similar to how Ivete Sangalo looked in her Madison Square Gardens show in 2010.

About the blushes — they are flawless. I mean flawless, long lasting, and have incredible pigments as well as incredibly light weight.

You can get the eye shadows here, and the blushes here.

  • Southern Tide sport shirts

I got one of these for my dad, and it’s really amazing.

It’s lightweight, bright and airy.

For those of you who don’t know, Southern Tide is a rapidly growing lifestyle brand of apparel that boasts exceptional craftsmanship, clean lines, fine quality and classic design.

So if you’re going to get the man in your life something from Vineyard Vines, Brooks Brothers or Lacoste, why not try Southern Tide?

Purchase here.

  • Braun & Lacoste Essential Grooming Set

Another something I gave to my daddy.

I really liked this because it allows a man to get a clean shave as well as chose their fragrance based on their mood.

The Lacoste Essential is considered a new classic by many because it is fresh and spicy, while having an elegant woodsy base. While, the Lacoste Essential Sport is more ice-cold with a hint of wearable vivid musk.

On the other hand the Braun Mobile Shave M-90 makes it easy and convenient to restore a freshly groomed appearance whether on the court or in the board room.

This set is available at high-end department stores, wherever Lacoste is sold.

Click to Enlarge

  • Avon

So these products came out for Summer, but I’m writing about them for Fall. Yes, I know this. But I waited and it’s because I used them religiously for about a month before deciding to write on them.

  1. ANEW Solar Face Cream
  2. Advance Techniques Frizz Control Lotus Shield
  3. Extra Lasting Collection (lipstick, lipgloss, mascara)

As you can see in the photo above (before on the top, after on the bottom), I still look human after an entire day.

The bottom picture was taken in the middle of the concert barricades at Brazilian Day NYC — an extremely hot day outside. So that’s just to show that it works.

I’m really happy with the entire set.

You can purchase these for yourself or someone else through an Avon representative or through Avon.com

  • GUESS His & Her Seductive Scents

I have both — one for me, one for him.

*yay* we match.

Okay, that’s dorky, but whatever, I love these.

Both fragrances evoke the scent that embodies the look of the iconic brand. You can’t help but put it on and think, “just as I thought.”

My favourite thing about both is the size. They are both a good size for carrying in a gym bag, or for women, in your purse.

Plus, the packaging is just adorable. I mean, as someone who loves pink, you can’t help but love the women’s “I’m Yours” packaging.

Another thing to consider, is unlike some other apparel branded scents (Lacoste and other designer brands aside), this is very long lasting.

Heck, I wore it out to Brazilian Day NYC (above), and you better believe that I wasn’t a sweaty-smelly hot mess after.

Purchase one or both, here.

  • Havaiana’s Origine Ballerina Espadrille

A contemporary take on an old favourite, I’m all about these — especially, because I live in NYC and I walk a lot… and I mean a lot.

A closed-toe shoe, with the same craftsmanship Havaiana’s is known for, these are a win.

Slip-on, or slip-out — the soles of these babies are the same ones from your favourite rubber flip-flop straight out of Brazil.

Purchase directly on the Havaiana’s website, here.

  • L’OCCITANE – Aromachologie “Soothing” Shampoo

I have the shampoo from this collection and I really, really like it.

As someone who is obsessed with her hair, I love the fragrance, how it doesn’t make my hair feel heavy and how it really gives me a great wash.

Not only that, but I try to only use this shampoo when I’m stressed out, because I find that the scent relaxes me.

Aromachologie is a silicone-free shampoo that restores hair’s volume and shine. It contains five essential ingredients: oil complex of artemisia, petit grain, sweet orange, rosemary and palmarosa. These are meant to replenish  and enhance damaged hair.

Purchase directly from L’Occitane on their website, here.

  • Vitabath’s Moisturizing Body Washes

I got two of these gratis during NYFW this year and I took it home to try it out.

First of all, I have one from the Fruit Fanatic Collection, “Pomegranate and Blood Orange” as well as the “Luscious Lemon Creme” from the Cupcake Couture Collection, and they smell so good.

When using them on my skin, they are smooth, and leave your skin feeling extremely fresh. They both lather very well, and if you plan on using them before you shave your legs, they work well for that too.

VitaBath is Sulfate & Paraben Free.

Check them out, here.

  • MAC Cosmetics Mineralized Blushes

I have one of these in “Gleeful.”

Just like the little obsessed, MAC-girl that I am, my blush ran out. I’ve been very skeptical of mineral blushes in the past because there is very little to no pigment, and you have to use loads and loads and loads of the product to have any colour show up on your face.

With these, MAC definitely is a step ahead of a lot of other companies going ‘mineral’ because this baby is loaded with pigment.

However, that being said, one of the things that I really enjoy about using this is that if you used it with a big fat brush, as opposed to a traditional blush brush, not only does it go on lightly, but you can get that dewy/glowing look, as opposed to a more contoured finish.

I, personally, use a regular blush brush because that’s how I like my face to look.

I’m wearing it above.

Eyeliner is also MAC in Teddy and mascara is Diorshow Blackout.

Get it from MAC, here.

  • Essie’s “Carry On” from the Carry On Collection

It one-part Essie Wicked and one-part OPI Lincoln Park After Dark.

I got a little taste of this during NYFW inside the Allure Lounge (which was awesome, btw) and it’s a creamy, shiny set of plumy-brown goodness.


Read more to purchase, here.

  • C.O. Bigelow Mentha Supreme 2X


I’m a huge fan of Mentha lip shine. I use it a lot in the winter when my lips are dry and chappy, and I also it a lot overnight throughout the year when my lips feel abnormal.

What I love the most about it is its jelly texture, and peppermint taste. One of the coolest things about Mentha (the originals, not the tinted ones), is that you can rub it on your teeth to act as a breath freshener when you don’t have gum or can’t brush your teeth.

So when I was in the store earlier this year and saw that there was a new Mentha on the market, I was really excited.

This one is thicker and shinier than the original and even Ultra Mentha, in fact, it’s a bit more like jelly than the others.

On that note, it also cost about $0.50 more than the others at $8.00 USD because it’s a stronger dosage of peppermint in a tube. Keep that in mind if you are really watching your pennies, or if you aren’t a fan of something (almost peppery) against your lips.

Find it, here.


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