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{PinkSPIRATION} The Love Files

**{PinkSPIRATION} is Little Pink Blog’s newest series giving weekly inspiration, affirmations and quotes.**

Love is more than just an emotion and feeling.

Love brought down empires and caused wars.

Love is a powerful thing.

To truly love someone you must first love yourself. Love your whole self imperfections, flaws, and all [Read more…]

David Attenborough and Living Coelho’s Personal Legend

David Attenborough - New Life Stories
This week I was lucky enough to meet (Sir) David Attenborough at a signing for his latest book, New Life Stories.

The book is a collection of stories collected over the past 50 years making iconic Natural History Programmes.

Even those who are unfamiliar with David Attenborough’s name will probably have seen his programs at some point. [Read more…]