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{Beautirati} Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial with Neutral Colours

Welcome to the return of Little Pink Blog‘s {Beautirati} series.

Yes, I know it’s been on hiatus for awhile, but I’d like to change that again.

First of all, I got a new product this week to try out. It’s from Benefit Cosmetics and it is their “Stay, Don’t Stray” primer for concealer and eye shadows.

I actually heard about this product through a new little promo that Benefit is running with Cake Plate Boutiques in Napa Valley, CA. For Summer 2011, Benefit  will have a Benefit Cosmetics Pop-up Shop inside of Cake Plate on #1000 Main Street. Sooooooo, if you are in the area, go check it out and let me know your thoughts!

Anyway, on to my tutorial…

A lot of people are scared of the “Smokey Eye” look because it uses a lot of black eye shadow and it’s very intense. Not only that, but you have to have control and confidence to rock that amount of black on your eyelids, especially, if you’re doing it yourself.

A look that I, personally, like to rock on a regular basis is the “Smokey Eye” look, but WITHOUT BLACK! [Read more…]