Natural Nail Polish Review – Scotch Naturals

Kiltlifter by Scotch Naturals

This week I’ve been trying out some new nail polishes which provide a solvent free alternative to regular ones.

I am a fan of natural cosmetic brands such as Lush, and was curious to see how this most chemical of cosmetics would perform with a formula that contained no nasties such as  toluene, formaldehyde or acetone. 

The brand is called Scotch Naturals, even though they are based in Phoenix and the products are manufactured in America.

It was founded by a mother – Ginny Cardenas – looking for safe products that her children could use before deciding to just make her own.

The first thing I noticed was the lack of a strong smell; there were no fumes to speak of.

If you hold your nose very close to the bottle you get a faint smell that resembles wood glue, and even that is very faint.

I applied the red polish called Kiltlifter (the Scottish theme runs through the entire line, with other colours including “Highland Mist”, “Loch Ness Mystery” and “On The Rocks”) and was distinctly impressed by the brightness and depth of the colour.

It spread beautifully without a hint of a lump, feeling less gloopy than a regular nail polish.

It dried very quickly and I applied a second coat, which was plenty for a perfect finish, again without a bubble or lump in sight.

So far so good.

Scotch Naturals

There is a “but”, however, it that the nail polish really does not like water, especially not hot water… when I took a shower several hours later I found that the polish had worn off in several places.

The good news is that its thin consistency and quick drying means that it works really well with touch-ups, and soon my nails looked pretty good again.

It’s not ideal for a nail polish to wear off like this, but to be perfectly fair, I am yet to find any alternative that does not bubble up or chip after a bath, shower, or general usage of hands. I think a traditional transparent top coat on top of the colour might have helped matters, but as I was testing the polish I stuck to it “neat”.

After several days, with regular post-shower touch-ups, I decided to remove it and see if Scotch Naturals’ claim that their polishes did not cause yellowing of the nails held true.

Scotch Naturals

I was particularly excited about this bit, because my nails are prone to go yellow, and it is very unattractive stuff. But this is where I found the second peculiarity of this nail polish; I did not need to use any remover to take it off (although Scotch Naturals do sell a soy-based one that will remove both traditional and water-based polishes).

I was able to lift a corner of the polish and take the entire thing off cleanly, leaving me with what looked like a set of artificial red nails!

Extremely unorthodox, but to be honest, I wish all my nail polish removing was as hassle-free. Underneath, my nails were pristine without a hint of yellow.

So even though the water-weakness is an issue and the clean peeling came as a surprise, I very much liked Scotch Naturals, and as long as  you have a few minutes to touch-up your nails after a shower (or wear gloves) the benefits do stack up.

Quick facts

  • Water-based
  • Salon-quality
  • No noxious fumes or odors
  • Non-yellowing
  • Non-flammable
  • Retails at $14.99 each

Scotch Naturals


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