Does Kim Kardashian Deserve to be Glamour’s Entrepreneur of the Year?

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Does Kim Kardashian deserve to be Glamour‘s 2011 Entrepreneur of the Year?

The short answer is, NO.

Not to be considered or called a “hater,” as I easily will admit that I’ve been tough on Ms. Kardashian in the past on the Little Pink Blog, but that’s because I don’t believe that selling your vagina — yes, I said it on the Internet should make you famous, respectable or a role model for women (no matter their age.)

I imagine that the editors at Glamour weren’t listening to Reese Witherspoon’s speech at the 2011 MTV Movie Awards where she rightfully so and politely scolded girls for not only doing reality shows in order to make it in Hollywood, but for not being embarrassed for having a sex tape or for taking nude photographs of themselves and sending them around.

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As Witherspoon said, you can be smart, you can be pretty, you can be talented to make it in Hollywood.

In short, you don’t have to sell yourself to be successful.

But apparently, Glamour doesn’t quite agree with that and thought it was okay to name Kardashian their 2011 Entrepreneur of the Year.

I do not think Glamour is a bad company — I think their choice this year was exceptionally poor, and thereby, it is  despicable judgement on their end.

Glamour thinks that it is perfectly acceptable that their entrepreneur of the year got her reality television show(s) on the E! network because her only claim to fame was making a sex tape and at one point in her life, she was Paris Hilton’s best friend.

At least Paris Hilton was famous for being famous — and that isn’t saying much.

If you were not already aware, grandpapa Barron Hilton (one of the sons of real entrepreneur, Conrad Hilton,) disinherited his granddaughter in 2007 for sullying the luxury hotel and family’s name.

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In fact, upon his death, 97 percent of Barron Hilton’s wealth ($2.3bn; £1.2bn; 1.6bn euros) will go to the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation, which was set up by Conrad Hilton, himself.

The Conrad N. Hilton Foundation supports projects that provide clean water in Africa, education for blind children as well as housing for the mentally ill.

So frankly, I’m not entirely sure which is worse: being famous for making a sex tape or because you were Paris Hilton’s best friend.

Granted, Kardashian does have more than a few serious business ventures under her belt, and like Britain’s Katie Price (aka Jordan), she realizes that she won’t grace the front cover of Maxim forever, so investment is key.

For example, Kardashian’s latest project is ShoeDazzle, an online shoe-purchasing club, where consumers can sign up for $39.95 per month and then get presented with a selection of shoes, handbags and other accessories chosen by Kardashian.

The project is said to have a minuscule $40m of venture capitalist funding.

Not bad for a pseudo-porn star.

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And speaking of which, at least, Jenna Jameson worked her way up the ladder of nakedness, and if Glamour can turn a blind eye to Kardashian, why not Jameson?

Perhaps, Jenna Jameson should get the next award for outstanding female entrepreneurship in 2012.

After all, Jameson, would deserve it.

Or is it because Jameson took her clothes off for a living in the dirty-XXX-world she’s not worthy of such a title?

Let’s be realistic, as Jameson, in fact, was in the Forbes Celebrity 100 in 2005 for her business savvy.

So, while Kardashian has K-Dash and D-A-S-H, Jameson has ClubJenna and a best-selling autobiography. How to Make Love Like a Porn Star actually touches upon her hardships in life, and how she interpreted a teenage boy’s drunken-sexual assault on herself as an ‘okay’ way to lose one’s virginity. In fact, she was drunk at the time and wasn’t taught any differently.

Let me put it to you this way, at least Jameson is honest about taking off her clothes, who she is, what she is, where she comes from and milking her sex appeal for all it’s worth. She built her own empire from scratch and not only made it, but survived in a totally male-dominated (physically, emotionally, mentally and business-wise) environment.

Now, I’m not saying that what Jameson does for a living is ‘okay’ in my personal point-of-view, but I can respect hard work when I see it.  If one is acceptable to the likes of Glamour, the other should be too.

On that same note, I’m certainly not saying that I hate Kardashian or anything of the sort.

Contrary to the popular belief of some, I think Kardashian is an extremely beautiful women who obviously has a brain. If she didn’t, I don’t think she would have secured as much venture capital money as she did for ShoeDazzle, maintain the management of her family’s clothing stores and have the ability to have networks, like E!, continue to eat up her television shows.

I would challenge Kardashian to make something of herself without the television cameras, without the naked magazine spreads and without continuing to sell her body to do it.

In life everyone has choices, including Jenna Jameson.

But I think most would agree in the game of life, Kardashian has been afforded more choices and opportunities than most.

Thereby, yes, an entrepreneur, Kim Kardashian is, but she got there by doing absolutely nothing.

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Let’s even compare her to the past winner, Kate Moss in 2008.

Sure, Kate Moss gets paid to stand there look pretty and sometimes her clothes are off, but heck, this woman worked her way to the top of her profession, withstood tabloids, drug-additions, a psychotic boyfriend and who knows what else.

You can bet your backside that Kate Moss worked for it.

Vogue and Mario Testino will tell you, museums now and in the future will tell you too, that Kate Moss was and still is a fashion icon.

From her work with Chanel and Christian Dior to her designs for TopShop and Longchamp, Kate Moss worked to get where she is and keeps on working at her craft.

Kim Kardashian, on the other hand, itched to be famous for the sake of it, and oh, yes, she did succeed.

Makes you wonder if Robert Kardashian is currently rolling in his grave…

But taking a full look at the bigger picture, I can understand that Glamour felt pressured to award the title to someone famous and to someone recognizable.

However, ask yourself — who could have been the other contenders?

Image via Jessica Simpson

Off the top of my head…

  • Oprah Winfrey – O.W.N., HARPO, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. (x) 1,000,000
  • J.K. Rowling – four words: Harry Potter global domination. Isn’t someone a real entrepreneur if they wrote something that made children read again around the world and her work out sold every book on the planet every written? Especially, since the first draft of her first novel was written on napkins as she was so poor she couldn’t afford real paper?
  • Tyra Banks – of her many achievements, America’s Next Top Model and her own television show
  • Stella McCartney – sure her daddy is a Beatle, but I bet you wouldn’t have known that by looking at what she accomplished on her own in the fashion industry and also all of the incredible animal rights work she does as well
  • Jessica Simpson – she’s not just a singer and an actress, that’s small in her list of accomplishments. Rather, her empire of clothing, handbags, shoes and other accessories is slated to exceed $1 billion this year
  • Gwen Stefani – No Doubt and L.A.M.B, anyone?

Each of these women have accomplished great things and do great things in the spirit of female entrepreneurship through their own hard work and dedication.

THAT is something to be proud of and award.

… because you know what my fellow females?

I agree with Reese, and I’m glad she said it, it’s okay to be good.

With real talent, intelligence and perseverance, anyone can achieve anything.


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  1. I think that Kim Kardashian is beautiful and has an amazing manager in her mom Kris Jenner. Her mom is making sure that every single one of her kids are extending their 15 minutes of fame by years. I can't knock the hustle but it I do think Glamour over looked some worthy contenders especially in Jessica Simpson. 

    Simpson went from not knowing if tuna was fish or chicken to amassing a billion dollar empire and she did it by having something Kardashian does not, and that is talent. I pick Simpson as an example because she is very similar to Kardashian in the fact that she has a parent who doubles as a manager. Kardashian has her mom and Simpson has her dad.

    In the end, I hope Glamour chooses more wisely next year and picks someone who also socially conscious not conscious of there social life. Maybe the good people at Glamour need to listen more closely to Reese Witherspoon's speech because I don't know if my heart can take it if the decided to pick Snooki next year.

  2. NO NO NO NO and NO.

  3. Just an opinion but maybe they picked Kim Kardashian because she would be there to accept the award in person and some of the others would not? And she is popular…and Glamour is a business. Popularity matters for sure.

  4. You have always been outspoken in your opinions, have excellent morals and have always focused on making things better, not bigger. No one can take that away from you. Keep up the good work. 
     “It's not who you are, it's what you do that defines you” and “Taking care of our 'reputation' is our most valuable asset”.  Proud of you kid. Love you.