Desperate But Not Serious

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By Helene Cavalli, guest blogger

It’s difficult, if you like Representative Anthony Weiner, to not feel regret for a career undone.

Watching this absurd drama play out in public has been uncomfortable. And it’s downright frightening to watch a career so filled with promise come apart at the seams.

Following Rep. Weiner’s travails, Falstaff came to mind when he said, “The better part of valor is discretion.”

After all, in lying Weiner was trying merely to save his life.

Who can say with complete certainty he or she wouldn’t do the same if faced with a public revelation that threatened every aspect of his personal and professional life?

While it’s difficult to predict whether Rep. Weiner will be able to salvage his career, his marriage and his reputation, it isn’t difficult to predict that Twitter and other social media platforms will continue to be at the center of more controversy.

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Social media is dangerous.

It’s a creative platform that gives voice, stage and audience to everyone’s thoughts.

This danger is what makes social media so incredibly powerful and alluring.

“Just as a thought can be dangerous, by calling into question the way you live, your scale of values, your will, and thus your self, your innermost core, your essence. Can you survive being called into question? Or do you react by condemning?”
Lindqvist, Sven. Bench Press. Trans. Sarah Death. London: Granta Books. 1988.

There has been much condemnation and moral outrage over the photo.

Why are so many threatened by the image?

Image via WeHeartIt

If I ask you difficult questions
If I make improper suggestions
Would you find that a risk to your health?

Adam Ant. “Desperate But Not Serious.” 1982.

There will be many more photos and many more 140-character musings that will push boundaries, inflame and provoke – challenging our views and approach to life.

How will we respond?


Helene Cavalli is a marketing professional for a management consulting firm. She studied Liberal Arts and wanted to be a sociologist. Helene loves foreign films, living in Philadelphia and taking her dog to the park. Follow Helene on Twitter and connect with her on LinkedIn .

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