B in BRICs: The Brazilian Fashion Boom is Here to Stay

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In a recent article for The Business of Fashion,  Suleman Anaya talks about the role that fashion is playing in boosting not only the Brazilian economy, but the country’s profile and national self-esteem.

“Significantly, the tremendous energy in Brazil’s fashion market is flowing from both inside and outside the country. For global fashion brands, Brazil is a land of opportunity.”

It’s not just about the money though.

Sure, a booming economy, specially in the context of recession in Europe and the US is helping people to spend confidently in quality and luxury goods, but of all the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China) Brazil stands alone in having a robust fashion industry that exports its goods globally.

The success of labels such as Issa (who designed Kate Middleton’s famous engagement dress) and Victor Dzenk prove that there is a healthy appetite abroad for Brazilian design.

As important as the export market, however, is the fact that Brazilians are increasingly setting aside their post-colonial mentality and shedding the inferiority complex that meant foreign labels were always more highly prized than Brazilian ones.

With GDP growing at a record rate and a domestic market of 190 million people, this is a very significant shift:

“After seeing Brazilian high-end boutiques and malls packed with customers who are actually spending, witnessing the creative energy and optimism at São Paulo Fashion Week, and speaking with several leading industry figures, there is no doubting it: Brazil is on fire,” said Anaya.

There is also no doubting that in Brazil, fashion is in our blood. Even very poor people use their resources creatively and shop around to be able to dress according to the latest trends, and clothing is often prioritized in budgets.

This means that the Brazilian consumer is highly sophisticated when it comes to fashion, which helps to explain the explosion in design creativity that it is experiencing at the moment.

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General director of Luxury brand Hermès in Brazil, Richard Barczinski, agrees:

Culturally Brazil may have an advantage because the consumer here is highly sophisticated and informed. People here appreciate not just the value of something expensive, but the value and pleasure of good design and materials.

The main symbol of the rising profile of Brazil in fashion is Sao Paulo Fashion Week, which is now widely recognised as the fifth most important event in the Fashion Calendar, right after the events in New York, London, Paris and Milan.

This year’s event was graced with the presence of home-grown supermodels such as Alessandra Ambrosio Gisele Bundchen as well as celebrities like Ashton Kutcher and Paris Hilton.

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