Archives for June 28, 2011

Re-Rediscover: Sheraton Launches $20m “Meet You There” Campaign

From iPads to iPhones, the hospitality industry is going mobile creating innovative ways to cater to their guests both online and off.

On the heels of a gigantic $6 billion dollar campaign to re-brand its Sheraton hotel, Starwood Hotels & Resorts released the details and adverts for it’s new $20 million campaign, “Meet You There,” a big change from its previous, “Rediscovering Sheraton.”

With high hopes to bring in a lot more revenue, the 74-year old business is nurturing and leveraging the sense of community it believes its guests feel, and should feel, when they book [Read more…]

Pure Amazon Magic: Swimming With The Little Pink Boto

Swimming with the Boto
The legend tells us of a handsome young man, dressed smartly all in white.

During the period of the Festas Juninas (Saints days in the month of June that in Brazil are celebrated with dancing, traditional foods and lots of fireworks), the man seduces unescorted young women, convincing them to swim in the river with him.

The next day, this mysterious man transforms back into his real shape, a pink dolphin, and is gone.

The story was even made into a film in the 1980s. [Read more…]