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B in BRICs: The Brazilian Fashion Boom is Here to Stay

Picture from ifashion

In a recent article for The Business of Fashion,  Suleman Anaya talks about the role that fashion is playing in boosting not only the Brazilian economy, but the country’s profile and national self-esteem.

“Significantly, the tremendous energy in Brazil’s fashion market is flowing from both inside and outside the country. For global fashion brands, Brazil is a land of opportunity.”

It’s not just about the money though.

Sure, a booming economy, specially in the context of recession in Europe and the US is helping people to spend confidently in quality and luxury goods, but of all the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China) Brazil stands alone in having a robust fashion industry that exports its goods globally.

The success of labels such as Issa (who designed Kate Middleton’s famous engagement dress) and Victor Dzenk prove that there is a healthy appetite abroad for Brazilian design. [Read more…]