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Managing Your Time, Managing Yourself, Managing Your Monkeys

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by Helene Cavalli, guest blogger

Our workdays will always be filled with competing priorities, pressing deadlines and emergencies – making it impossible to get everything done. Many of us carry all our unfinished projects or unresolved problems around like monkeys on our backs. Too many monkeys can make it so difficult to concentrate and focus effectively that we can barely get anything accomplished.

Who are the heaviest and loudest monkeys? Usually those that represent unfulfilled commitments or missed deadlines. [Read more…]

Varela + Brooks | Fall 2011 Collection .. A Label to Look Out For

Varela + Brooks: Clean, Colorful, Contemporary

By: Amanda Montgomery, guest blogger

“Women cherish fashion because it rejuvenates them, or at the very least renews their spirit.” – Madame de Preizeux

Scoring an ‘All Access’ pass to New York Fashion Week for reporting purposes involves a rather intricate layer of protocol and procedure.  Each year, many an admirable fashion journalist fight tooth and nail for this insider privilege to cover the haute couture, hot gossip, and season trends that will shape future style influences.  A pass like this is the ultimate golden egg, bee’s knees, cat’s meow… needless to say it’s virtually impossible to acquire unless you happen to know Anna Sui personally. [Read more…]

{iStyle} DEREK LAM + eBay Paves the Way to Crowdsourced #Fashion

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By: Kelly Ahern, guest blogger

Who doesn’t love a little fashion fun—especially when it consists of designer luxury from the comfort of your own home?

Fashion legend Derek Lam and eBay, the world’s most significant and most popular fashion destination, officially launched what is being considered the first-ever crowdsourced fashion collection: DEREK LAM + ebay.
Made available for purchase, with the click of a mouse, DEREK LAM + eBay went viral on Tuesday, May 10th at 11AM EST/8AM PST.

“eBay created an incredibly unique opportunity to have a direct dialogue with shoppers around the world—and the community interest in helping influence the DEREK LAM + eBay collection has been phenomenal.”

– Derek Lam [Read more…]

Business as Usual: Yes, Virginia, There are Bad Ideas

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By: Helene Cavalli, guest blogger

Many meetings begin with the pronouncement, “There are no bad ideas.” The intent is to help everyone feel comfortable to share ideas freely.

Without getting into semantics about the use of “good” and “bad”, I don’t believe it’s incorrect to state unequivocally that there are bad ideas.  Truly, there are a lot of bad ideas.  The question is, Why isn’t it OK to say so?  What are we afraid of?  Can’t we admit that sometimes we might sound stupid? [Read more…]

Melissa Rivers Talks Famous Faces Doing Business Outside of Hollywood

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By: Joe Leck, guest blogger

It use to be, that Hollywood starlets would spend their time on either the silver screen, or in front of the flashing of camera bulbs in order to bring in the big bucks.

By doing so, they have branded themselves in the same way that companies brand their products or services.

It is becoming a common practice that celebrities are now using their branded names and faces to branch out of Hollywood and into the world of Business. [Read more…]

The OTHER Social Network: Badoo … in Brazil

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By: Alice Bonasio, guest blogger

With over 112 million members, and a few more joining every second, Badoo is one of the fastest-growing – and profitable – ventures on the web.

In Brazil, though, it is a mass phenomenon, with over 14 million users registering for the service in under two years.

But there is still room for expansion, since Brazil has the largest number of internet users in Latin America – 76 million and growing.

Brazilians are avid Social Networkers.

A recent Synthesio report found that among internet users in Brazil, 86% were on Social Networks, compared to 74% in the UK and US.

So what’s Badoo all about and why does it work so well in a tropical climate?

It all boils down to its easy, flirty, “lets hook up” attitude, which really resonates with Brazilians, it seems. [Read more…]

Happy Birthday, my Audrey ♥

“For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone.”

“Your heart just breaks, that’s all. But you can’t judge, or point fingers. You just have to be lucky enough to find someone who appreciates you.”

[Read more…]

Magnum Ice Cream debuts in the US with Rachel Bilson & Karl Lagerfeld On Board


Original Magnum Girl

by Maria Lago, guest blogger

Growing up in Spain I have been no stranger to Magnum Ice Cream.

It’s a favorite among a lot of classics in Europe and the one ice cream brand that always had an intense marketing presence internationally.

As a kid, I never realized, but as I got older I noticed the Magnum Ice Cream posters at the airports, pubs, malls and such were actually pretty racy and depicted quite a sexiness about them.

Even though it’s only ice cream, the campaigns have always been very sexual.

I suppose internationally that isn’t a problem [Read more…]

Inhale Courage, Exhale Fear: Change the World, Adeu, Barcelona!

Image by =graphiqual on DeviantART

“Empty your mind of negativity and the universe will fill it with love, wisdom, and bliss.”

~ Ashley Bryce

I just don’t believe that things can just end.

Just like that.

I just don’t and can’t believe that things happen to people the point where they streamline into one inherent direction that is one way or another with no mixed mediums.

The world doesn’t work like that.

Call it serendipity, [Read more…]

Think Fast! Your Instincts Are Only as Good as Your Experience

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By: Helene Cavalli, guest blogger

It’s reported that a first impression is made within the first 20 seconds of meeting someone new. Within that first 20 seconds, we will draw conclusions and make value judgments – consciously or unconsciously – about things like a person’s ability, social standing and intellect. [Read more…]