{iStyle} Brighten Up Your Memorial Day Weekend with Borghese Beauty

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Memorial Day Weekend is upon us, and it’s time to embrace the unofficial start to the summer season.
Amid the barbecues, cocktails and inevitable beach visits, this weekend also happens to be the seasonal catalyst fashionistas need to freshen up their wardrobes and their beauty regiments.

With the longer days and extended sunshine comes shorter skirts, breezy tops and mini dresses. After months of hiding beneath layers of cotton and wool, be prepared to show some skin. But before you begin to shed some layers, give your body the extra TLC it needs - and a coveted, healthy, natural glow.

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To get just the right bronze for this weekend’s festivities check out our tips to facilitate your very own Beauty Bootcamp –  just in time for summer.


The key to a successful faux glow is to prep your skin the right way.

Exfoliating rids your body of dead skin cells – allowing your freshest, most radiant skin to shine through. There are a ton of natural ways fashionistas can buff their way to perfection, starting with a dry brush exfoliation. A dry brush exfoliation reaps the most benefits when done in the early morning before you shower. By eliminating your dry, dead skin cells a proper exfoliation allows your skin to detox, while also improving lymph and blood circulation and decreasing puffiness.

Looking for a little something extra to get the most out of your pre-bronzed prep? Why not turn to our uber glamorous friends at BORGHESE?

After BORGHESE took us on one colorful cosmetic ride this spring, it’s only natural that the line would contain your go-to summer necessities as well.

If you’re looking for the perfect pre-tan scrub, give BORGHESE’s Salt Scrub a try. The ultra creamy scrub exfoliates and moisturizes at the same time, thanks in great part to the botanical extracts and Tuscan minerals – which the beauty line is especially known for utilizing.

With olive and grape seed oils your skin is left conditioned and revitalized – while the natural sea salt and pumice do the important job of buffing away your dry, flaky skin cells. Avocado, mango and luxurious shea butter then soothe your skin, revealing the perfect canvas to apply your subtle golden glow.

Glow Baby, Glow

After you’ve left your skin refreshed and radiant, now’s the time to build a safe and healthy tan.

The BORGHESE beauty line comes full stocked with an arsenal of natural bronzing products, all which surprisingly are subtle enough to work with any skin tone or texture. Too often sunless tanners and bronzing products leave behind a harsh, vibrant orange hue – having fair skin like myself, makes this typical after-effect even worse. But I must say BORGHESE’s Splendore Brightening Body Glow truly does create a flawless look that fashionista’s of all skin tones can benefit from.

Not only is this shimmering lotion unbelievable lightweight, but I instantly fell in love with the very subtle scent; which made me crave the beach and summertime even more. Not to mention that the soft shimmering effect of the hydrating lotion really brightens your skin, capturing all aspects of the light to leave you looking – well like you genuinely are glowing. I have to admit it was a very luxe,  glamorous feeling and my skin appeared to be more even and toned than ever before.

Sun-kissed Bliss

To really pull off a flawless glow you have to tread lightly on one very important aspect – your face. Making sure you properly highlight the places where the sun naturally hits – such as your cheek bones and your nose – tend to trip up the best of us when applying bronzer. But Borghese makes it easy.

Back by popular demand is Borghese’s Summer Glow SPF 20 Tinted Moisturizer. Not only is this lightweight lotion the perfect tool for creating a seamless sun-kissed look but the SPF protection is exactly what you need to safeguard your most precious skin.

The mineral-based formula helps to protect your most delicate skin against harsh sun damage, and the fact that it’s oil-free means no clogged pores. Just like the Brightening Body Glow, Borghese’s Tinted Moisturizer has just the right amount of golden tint to work with any and all skin tones. All it takes is a small amount, carefully blended over your entire face and neck, to employ the perfect amount of color and coverage.

And if that wasn’t enough, Borghese follows up with a serious must-have beauty staple – Milano Multi-Bronzer. It’s true – finding the right bronzer has to be one of the hardest beauty decisions you’ll have to make. You don’t want to come off looking like you’re trying to hard, so finding a product that’s easy to blend and doesn’t overpower your delicate facial features tends to be harder than you think.

What makes Borghese’s Milano Multi-Bronzer so great is that keyword, multi. No matter what your skin’s texture, how uneven it may be or whether or not you have a few unwarranted blemishes the Milano Multi-Bronzer allows you to truly enhance your skin tone with a spectrum of subtle sun-kissed color.

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The natural-looking warmth and radiance that comes from such a simple looking compact will amaze you. I’ve always found it quite hard to find the perfect balance of peachy-freshness and golden glow, but with the Milano Multi-Bronzer it was easy for me to blend the perfect amount of color; not to mention how well it worked with the line’s Tinted Moisturizer.

Both facial favorites worked seamlessly together to leave me looking perfectly golden. Better yet, it can be worn both alone or with foundation – but trust me, the flawless finish Borghese’s Milano Multi-Bronzer leaves behind makes foundation seem obsolete.

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Overall, I felt completely refreshed and ready for the summer season. With the Summer Glow SPF 20 Tinted Moisturizer and Milano Multi-Bronzer alone, I felt perfectly poised for summer. Truthfully, with such flawless coverage and natural looking color, the only accessories you’ll need are a quick sweep of waterproof mascara and a dab of your favorite lip gloss – then you’ll be ready to take your sun-kissed look from day to night.


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