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Cutest. Marriage. Proposal. Ever… Goes Viral on YouTube

When a guy named Matt, wanted to marry a girl named Ginny, he did something ridiculously cute and pretty amazing. [Read more…]

Escama Studio: From Discarded Soda Cans to Haute Couture

Masha Bag from Escama Studio

By: Alice Bonasio

Being green is one of those things – like eating healthily – that we all want to do but don’t always get around to. Recycling can be time-consuming, and researching which products are the most eco-friendly or ethically produced takes time that busy women with jobs might not have.

And for the fashion-savvy, the idea of actually wearing your recycling could seem like a step too far, but fear not. A hot new trend from Brazil is transforming humble soda can ring pulls into fashion must-haves, being extensively featured in the fashion press, including Elle Magazine. [Read more…]