Business as Usual: Dealing With Uncertainty

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by Helene Cavalli, guest blogger

Lots of freshly minted college graduates are preparing to embark on new careers. Unfortunately, labor market reports aren’t rosy. While the recession ended last year, the economy is only halfhearted in its recovery.

Considerable uncertainty is making for a very bumpy ride.

So while companies continue to hold the reins on hiring, [Read more…]

Havaianas and Other Temptations of Summer

From: Havaianas Website

By: Alice Bonasio

It’s the eternal dilemma when it comes to shoes, especially if you are a woman: do you go for comfort or beauty?

And as the days grow hotter the question becomes even more urgent, but reaching for a pair of Flip Flops doesn’t necessarily mean letting go of your pretty footwear standards. [Read more…]

{iStyle} Brighten Up Your Memorial Day Weekend with Borghese Beauty

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Memorial Day Weekend is upon us, and it’s time to embrace the unofficial start to the summer season.
Amid the barbecues, cocktails and inevitable beach visits, this weekend also happens to be the seasonal catalyst fashionistas need to freshen up their wardrobes and their beauty regiments. [Read more…]

Facebook and Your Privacy: A Match Not Made in Digital Culture Heaven


Facebook has been in the news a lot lately, but not necessarily for the right reasons.

Earlier in May 2011, it emerged that it had hired a very well-known PR agency to plant stories against Google relating to user privacy.

Considering Facebook’s own issues with privacy, this gives the impression that the company is trying to make itself look better by making its competitors look good as opposed to getting its act together. [Read more…]

French Law is Anti-Feminist. It is even Anti-Fashion

My name is Leila Levi and I am a feminist.

I wanted to come clean by being upfront with what many millennials see as a “dirty word.” The connotation of being a feminist among young women in 2011 can be of ‘bra burners ‘and ‘man-haters.’ I despise that such a narrow and derogatory view of feminism is expressed so frequently. I call it derogatory because it labels women who are feminists negatively, as if they are screaming stereotypes relegated to the fringes of society. Feminists are in every corner of the globe and come from all walks of life.

Feminism is about equality and civil rights, believes that women are created equal and, with very rare exception, should be treated equally under the law. [Read more…]

From Napster to e-Books

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By: Alexandra Campuzano

There are a few things I like to splurge on.

Shoes, make up, shoes, jewelry, shoes, books—yes, books. [Read more…]

{iStyle} Sultry Summer Beach Trends

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After a long, bitter winter it’s safe to say we’re all craving a little summer sun. But with the onset of the hottest of seasons, there’s always one synonymous question on every fashionista’s mind - what will I wear?

Whether you’re sitting poolside, escaping to a tropical getaway or simply soaking in the rays on your favorite beach – you deserve to look and feel as fashion-forward as ever. Get the low down on this season’s trendiest colors, patterns and styles so that your perfectly prepared to rock your best bikini. [Read more…]

Cutest. Marriage. Proposal. Ever… Goes Viral on YouTube

When a guy named Matt, wanted to marry a girl named Ginny, he did something ridiculously cute and pretty amazing. [Read more…]

Escama Studio: From Discarded Soda Cans to Haute Couture

Masha Bag from Escama Studio

By: Alice Bonasio

Being green is one of those things – like eating healthily – that we all want to do but don’t always get around to. Recycling can be time-consuming, and researching which products are the most eco-friendly or ethically produced takes time that busy women with jobs might not have.

And for the fashion-savvy, the idea of actually wearing your recycling could seem like a step too far, but fear not. A hot new trend from Brazil is transforming humble soda can ring pulls into fashion must-haves, being extensively featured in the fashion press, including Elle Magazine. [Read more…]

Jennifer Lopez: The Beautiful Disaster PR Powerhouse


by Maria Lago; guest blogger

All eyes are on Jennifer Lopez right now!

We are watching her every move, from what she wears on American Idol, to her Gillette Venus commercials with her kids and back on with L’oreal.

Before she was announced as one of the new judges on American Idol last year opposite Steven Tyler and Randy Jackson we weren’t really hearing anything about her besides the random photos of her and husband Marc Anthony with their twins. [Read more…]

Managing Your Time, Managing Yourself, Managing Your Monkeys

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by Helene Cavalli, guest blogger

Our workdays will always be filled with competing priorities, pressing deadlines and emergencies – making it impossible to get everything done. Many of us carry all our unfinished projects or unresolved problems around like monkeys on our backs. Too many monkeys can make it so difficult to concentrate and focus effectively that we can barely get anything accomplished.

Who are the heaviest and loudest monkeys? Usually those that represent unfulfilled commitments or missed deadlines. [Read more…]

Varela + Brooks | Fall 2011 Collection .. A Label to Look Out For

Varela + Brooks: Clean, Colorful, Contemporary

By: Amanda Montgomery, guest blogger

“Women cherish fashion because it rejuvenates them, or at the very least renews their spirit.” – Madame de Preizeux

Scoring an ‘All Access’ pass to New York Fashion Week for reporting purposes involves a rather intricate layer of protocol and procedure.  Each year, many an admirable fashion journalist fight tooth and nail for this insider privilege to cover the haute couture, hot gossip, and season trends that will shape future style influences.  A pass like this is the ultimate golden egg, bee’s knees, cat’s meow… needless to say it’s virtually impossible to acquire unless you happen to know Anna Sui personally. [Read more…]

{iStyle} DEREK LAM + eBay Paves the Way to Crowdsourced #Fashion

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By: Kelly Ahern, guest blogger

Who doesn’t love a little fashion fun—especially when it consists of designer luxury from the comfort of your own home?

Fashion legend Derek Lam and eBay, the world’s most significant and most popular fashion destination, officially launched what is being considered the first-ever crowdsourced fashion collection: DEREK LAM + ebay.
Made available for purchase, with the click of a mouse, DEREK LAM + eBay went viral on Tuesday, May 10th at 11AM EST/8AM PST.

“eBay created an incredibly unique opportunity to have a direct dialogue with shoppers around the world—and the community interest in helping influence the DEREK LAM + eBay collection has been phenomenal.”

– Derek Lam [Read more…]

Business as Usual: Yes, Virginia, There are Bad Ideas

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By: Helene Cavalli, guest blogger

Many meetings begin with the pronouncement, “There are no bad ideas.” The intent is to help everyone feel comfortable to share ideas freely.

Without getting into semantics about the use of “good” and “bad”, I don’t believe it’s incorrect to state unequivocally that there are bad ideas.  Truly, there are a lot of bad ideas.  The question is, Why isn’t it OK to say so?  What are we afraid of?  Can’t we admit that sometimes we might sound stupid? [Read more…]

Melissa Rivers Talks Famous Faces Doing Business Outside of Hollywood

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By: Joe Leck, guest blogger

It use to be, that Hollywood starlets would spend their time on either the silver screen, or in front of the flashing of camera bulbs in order to bring in the big bucks.

By doing so, they have branded themselves in the same way that companies brand their products or services.

It is becoming a common practice that celebrities are now using their branded names and faces to branch out of Hollywood and into the world of Business. [Read more…]

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