Royal Wedding 2011: Your Highness, There’s App For That

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By: Alexandra Campuzano, guest blogger

It’s here, the Royal Wedding is here! Well, almost.

Invitations have been delivered, seating arrangements have been set, wedding vows have been edited and the media is in a regal frenzy over the event.

In a few short days, the members of the Royal family dignitaries, celebrities, (ahem, The Beckhams, Sir Elton John, Joss Stone and Guy Ritchie among others) will fill the rows of Westminster Abbey to watch as Wills and Kate become husband and wife. While I won’t be front and center at Westminster Abbey, I will have Westminster Abbey in the palm of my hands.

That’s right, there’s an app for that!

Last week Westminster Abbey released a statement announcing the arrival the official Westminster Abbey 3D app for android and will be available to iPhone users shortly. The app features 3D technology that has an “internal scaled replica of Westminster Abbey in a way which enables users to feel as if they are visiting the church where ever they happen to live or happen to be”.

With this app you’ll get to see the aisle and alter as Kate will see them on Friday morning.

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The Royal wedding app doesn’t stop at the Abbey. If you’re interested in a photo-heavy timeline of the royal romance, you’ll enjoy Mirror: Wills and Kate a Royal Love Story. Maybe you’re a trivia buff who’ll dig the random facts generated by the Royal Wedding Alarm Clock, Facts & Countdown Timer.

Are you waiting to see what everyone will wear? Then download the Dress the Royals app!

For those of you who want to play games with Royals, you’ll get a kick out of the Royal Pairs game.

It’s the game Memory with a Royal twist. BBC fans, the Royal Wedding Insider app is just for you.

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Weddings are typically intimate events that, yes can sometimes get carried away, but are meant to symbolize the start of a marriage. On a day meant to be special and personal for Kate and Wills we’ve been able to track down almost every detail of the affair (Kate’s dress remains elusive). We may be a nosy bunch or perhaps we’ve grown accustomed to having any and all information at our fingertips.

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Not one for the Royal to-do, I am intrigued by the number of apps centered on the Prince and his future Princess. I am most surprised to see an institution like Westminster Abbey bend in favor of technology. While the release of the app is adequately timed, it signifies the outreach organizations are making through technology. The American Heart Association released the Pocket First Aid app, the US Army’s Sniper Training app provides you with the complete manual on sniper training and the World Economic Forum’s app is ready to help its members keep track of agendas and conferences. Though not all of us will download these apps their availability is vital to the symbiotic relationship between consumers and companies. Kudos to Westminster Abbey for serving the people well!

Whatever tickles your fancy–apps, live-streaming, sleeping through the entire ordeal, or hosting a watch party–it’s a safe bet that you’ll in some way be informed of the highlights and hats of the Royal Wedding.

Cheers to technology and the happy couple!

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Alexandra Campuzano
is an Account Manager at Univision Interactive Media and a freelance writer. Admittedly, she’s  a social/new media fan who enjoys seeing its evolution. In balance, she’s mildly infatuated with elephants and fashion; be it magazines, websites, blogs, or spotting new trends close to home. Writing and yoga twice keep her mind in a good place. Her background in PR and interactive media has helped her understand the impact social media, advertising and PR have on our society.  She is a proud Golden Panther (Go FIU!) who drinks too much coffee and can be followed on Twitter (@Ale_Phant).


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    Thanks for the in depth sharing, but I just don't get it.

  2. To be quite honest, I don't either. But I did think the WA app was a bold effort of centuries-old tradition meeting technology.