Meet The @BronxZoosCobra: The Overnight Social Media Sssensation

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By: Amanda Montgomery, guest blogger

I’ll say it loud and proud… I dig comedy in a world that is often far too cynical.

I also enjoy seriously good and well-crafted writing.

Both pleasures are somewhat subjective to my tastes but one thing that no social media enthusiast can argue with is that the @BronxZoosCobra is pretty funny and a damn good writer to boot.

Let’s review this scenario analytically … the ‘BronxZoosCobra’ Twitter account started Monday March 28th, 2011; he’s currently at 240,000+ followers, has a Facebook Fan Page lobbying for him to be the next SNL host and he’s tweeted a TOTAL of 101 times to date.

Have you seen this online?

If you haven’t read his Twitter feed then you are seriously missing out because this sassy snake is taking New York and the Internet by storm.  The latest buzz is discussing where and Who with is this Cool as a Cucumber Cobra going out around town? Where will he visit next?

And why is he a great example of viral media?

All are valid questions regarding this jarring, yet stunning overnight social media sensation.

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As far as the getting around town part goes, the Bronx Zoo Cobra is hitting up all of his favorite local eateries and tourist attractions such as Magnolia Bakery, the Sex & the City Tour, Yankee Stadium, etc.

And at one point in his newly acquired freedom, he was wining and dining with New York’s finest at Lure.

But in the latest developments via Twitter, sadly the Bronx Zoo Cobra has been returned to the Bronx Zoo after a carefully executed ‘incarceration’ sting operation.

Alas, all good times must come to an end.

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Here’s the more poignant issue at stake… why social media platforms (in this case Twitter) and how did an unknown Cobra from the Burroughs suddenly race through the ranks to join other overnight social media sensations such as Susan Boyle, Charlie Sheen, and Alexandra Black?

In reading through several articles observing the media frenzy that have involved reports about a fugitive Snake riding around on the New York City Subway system, it’s important to note that  two things have been consistent from the beginning: The Bronx Zoo Cobra offers great content and a personality that we can relate to.

I had to include the following picture because I feel that we bonded professionally when I saw this online:

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After all, the King Cobra himself is just like you and me from what I can read into on Twitter.

He drinks coffee, likes museums, tells a good joke, knows how to laugh at himself, and actually says something enlightening every now and then.

He’s looking to make new friends, introduce them to old ones, enjoy life as its meant to be lived, share the experience publicly and chow down on a few mice all along the way… and why shouldn’t he?

Social Media platforms were made for this type of moment in culture.

Any sort of communication cycle involves sending, receiving, interpreting and replying to the countless messages we run across every day.

I’d be friends with the @BronxZoosCobra in a New York minute  and not because he (or she … does anyone have confirmation on this?) could probably score sweet tickets to the upcoming Zoo exhibits.

At the end of the, it’s fun to muse that the BronxZoosCobra and I could meet for a beer after a working a hard week, as we discussed all the world’s problems over a brilliant sunset; a social network like Twitter just happened to bring us together through technology.

The real power in social network platforms stems from sharing and offereing great content first, then listening to the members of a community who come there to build a relationship with other members that share like interests.

As social networks continue to expand the circles of people we know and interact with on a daily basis it will also be interesting to see where this Snake’s saga takes him next.

You have to wonder at some point, if he’ll visit any new friends he met on Twitter during his parole and will he go visit them when he get’s out the next time around?


Amanda Montgomery is a proud University of Alabama alumnus, and one of the youngest Social Media Specialists with the firm Social Media Delivered.  She helps clients orchestrate and execute strategic, creative and successful community content campaigns. As a Recruitment Supervisor, Montgomery also serves as the Intern Committee Chair. Amanda is currently pursuing a Master’s degree at the University of Texas-Dallas in Emerging Media & Communication. She is an active member of the Dallas Ad League, the Dallas Press Club, and the Dallas Contemporary Foundation. Connect with her via Twitter, @acmontgomery or at

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  1. Awesome article; one quick suggestion: correct the personal pronoun to “she” as the cobra is a female.