Kate Middleton, Helayel’s “Issa” and a Brazilian Wedding Dress?

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By: Alice Bonasio, guest blogger

It might seem unlikely, but not only has Kate Middleton – soon to become Princess Catherine – chosen to wear one of Daniella Helayel’s creation when announcing her engagement to Prince William, but it has also emerged that the Brazilian designer has been invited to the wedding itself.

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The classy sapphire-blue silk jersey dress that Kate wore was certainly a hit, sparking a frenzy of copying in high-street shops.

A similar dress by Helayel’s label Issa will set you back around £400 ($700) which as far as fashion labels go is not that steep, but good luck finding one, as that style has predictably sold out.

It is no exaggeration to say that Kate’s predilection for the Brazilian’s blend of understated elegance and youthful sexiness has catapulted the designer to global fame.

She was, however, already a favourite amongst many celebrities including Sharon Stone, Scarlett Johansson and Jennifer Lopez.

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The speculation about who will get to design the most talked-about wedding dress in recent history has reached fever-pitch, and the princess-to-be is reportedly keeping the details a secret even from the groom, hoping to surprise him as she walks down the isle at Westminster Abbey next week.

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On her website, Daniella Helayel explains that she started designing dresses when she could not find clothes that she herself would like to wear:

“I wanted a dress that made me feel comfortable and glamorous at the same time, one that could take me anywhere, from work to play, bedroom to boardroom,” she says

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The label’s name -  Issa – is Brazilian surfer slang, a cry of joy and happiness uttered when riding the perfect wave, and Helayel says that this sense of sunny happiness permeates all her designs.

She wants her clothes to help women feel

“as relaxed, confident and sexy as they do on holiday.”

It is refreshing to see a designer who is not only proud of her own curves, but who also designs extremely flattering and relatively affordable outfits that make real women feel like princesses.

Her collections have been praised for being suitable for “normal-sized bottoms and hips” I, for one, am hoping that on April 29 Kate turns up wearing that Brazilian dress, and that it makes her feel special in her own right, like every bride should.

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