{iStyle} A Princess in Waiting: Kate Middleton’s #Fashion Evolution

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As the final days, before the highly-anticipated royal wedding, unfold it only seems natural to take a step back and admire the birth of a modern day princess.

Kate Middleton, the 29 year-old fiancee to England’s Prince William, is much more than a potential future queen -she is a talented, bright, poised young women – who just happens to have an admirable fashion sense.

Over the years, Kate has stayed true to her natural, demure style. Never forcing a trend or a particular look, always looking polished, perfect and quite frankly pretty.

From the moment that her relationship hit the British headlines, Kate was immediately thrown into the spotlight. As Britian’s most talked about fashion icon, her image has quite literally become public property.

And now with the reveal of the royal engagement – and quickly approaching wedding – Kate has fallen into her role as an envied media sensation.

Little do the tabloids know, the fledgling princess is beyond savvy.

She recognizes that the media will be a major part of her life, and knows how critical it is to use that to her advantage.

Launching herself into the fashion area, Kate has emerged as an unstoppable fashion icon – always appearing put together and acting with the utmost exemplary manners.

How is the bride-to-be handling herself and her title as a world-wide fashion symbol?

She plays it both safe and classic.

Kate’s image is constantly placed under scrutiny – yet she is completely self assured.

Her past work history in fashion, has enabled her to recognize what fits her body best.

Yet Kate is always cautious, she always remains covered up and classy. She knows how to work the pieces that she wares and never misses a beat.

However, she has big shoes to fill.

Although the 19 year-old kindergarten teacher, Lady Diana Spencer, was thought of as a bit frumpy and plain when her engagement to Prince Charles was first announced, once officially in the spotlight, Diana prevailed as a fashion icon.

Kate, being nearly a decade older than her fiancee’s mother, has had a bit more time to develop her fashion identity.

Building her own brand – one based upon clean, simple elegance – Kate is poised to take the reigns as the latest and greatest thing to happen to British fashion.

However it’s important to realize that both princesses had more than just a breathtaking diamond and sapphire engagement ring in common.

The two shared a very similar style – and a times, Kate’s more modern approach appears nearly uncanny to that of the former Princess Diana.

But similarities or no similarities, what makes Kate truly unique is her ability to take average, non-couture-designer pieces and transform them into a look that is both unexpected and glamorous.

Known for wearing apparel sold on the high street – something that makes fashionistas on a budget everywhere excited.

Kate is not a flamboyant dresser – she is a practical dresser.

She pairs nearly everything with the most perfect cropped blazer.

V-neck, cross over wrap dresses also seem to be a staple in the soon-to-be-wed Kate’s wardrobe. She chooses tailored pieces that show off her modelesque figure.

Kate has no choice but to become a style icon.

Her outfits are most likely going to be written about more than anything that she does or says – and she already is embracing the power of being an admired style symbol.

Kate has also been known to go “shopping” in her own closet, pulling out previously worn items, pairing pieces with new accessories to create a refreshed look.

She reportedly recycled her well-tailored Katherine Hooker coat for her first public appearence with her future husband.

Dubbed the ‘London Contrast’ coat, it is comprised of herringbone and a brown velvet trim, which Kate accessorised with a pheasant feather and brown felt hat.

In one of Kate’s most memorable pre-royal ensembles, she paired an electric blue dress with a simple black blazer, while attedning  the wedding celebration of Harry Meade to Rosemarie Bradford.

She accessorised with a wide-brimmed hat and a natural golden tan – which happened to be a result from her Kenya trip – where it turns out Prince William had proposed.

Kate even looks chic in casual ware.

Appearing effortless for a day full of Polo in Gloucestershire, Kate made good use of a medium-height heel – wedges to be exact.

With tossled locks, a cinched waist and simple, neutral accessories Kate pulls off yet another clean, cool and collected look.

Even just galavanting about town, Kate shows off her perfectly proportioned physique in stonewash jeans paired with practical, trendy brown boots.

Again, topping off her look with a fitted, cropped blazer – a major reoccurence in the soon-to-be-princesses wardrobe.

Aside from her daily fashion choices – what about the most important style decision the bride has yet to make – her wedding gown?

The buzz behind what the future queen will adorn herself in has take the fashion world by storm.

Rumors have circulated that Kate’s dress choice has been linked to the late Alexander McQueen as well as British designers Sarah Burton and Sophie Cranston.

It’s even been said that the leading lady may even play a role in designing her own couture gown.

Being married at Westminister Abbey requires a modest yet delicate gown.

She’ll be expected to remain properly covered up – which has lead many to believe that her wedding dress will include some sort of sheer fabric or lace.

All in all, April 29th 2011 marks one of the most widely remarkable events in royal history.

How will Kate compare to the late Princess Diana?

What will she wear, and how will her fairytale wedding unfold?

We’ll just have to wait and see – but one thing is for sure, Kate’s natural, remarkable beauty will surely be the difficult to ignore during this unbelievably royal affair.

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