Got Dibs: Fashion Gone Social a la Lord & Taylor

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By: Lindsay McHugh, guest blogger

Have you ever:

  • wanted a second opinion before walking out the door in a new dress?
  • craved feedback on an outfit that involved more than a dull grunt from your boyfriend?
  • not quite been able to trust the overly enthusiastic saleswoman urging you to make a purchase?

Meet Fashism: a place to share your looks and get advice so you can look your best.

Launced in late 2009, Fashism aims to create a space for instant, constructive feedback on all things fashion.

Whether you’re not quite sure if you can pull off bright red lipstick or if you’re questioning which color clutch to buy, any fashion or style-related query is encouraged.

Intended for a wide audience, this tool has become especially popular with prom-goers who want to claim their dresses before the big event.

Fashism’s latest joint venture with Lord & Taylor, Got Dibs, “is a way to give girls an insurance policy that they’ll have something special, while making sure they won’t be second-guessing their outfit at the last minute.”

image via WeHeartIt

How does it work? According to a recent Washington Post article, this Facebook-based registry allows users to track who’s wearing what to which high school event, and get feedback on their outfit before they wear it.

Gone are the days of the (maybe not so) paranoid fear that your dream dress won’t be as unique as you had planned.

This tool, similar to any new technology, is designed to simplify and lessen the stress involved with prom dress shopping, and ultimately all fashion purchases.

But will it really benefit our personal style?

While everyone can attest to the benefits of the wise words of wisdom from a friend, will reliance on the online community for approval ruin our ability to take risks?

I applaud the collaborative intent of Fashism, however I fear that the younger crowd may have a tendency to act like lemmings, losing the essence of fashion itself: self-expression.

What do you think about Fashism? Is it a helpful tool or is it a risk to individuality?


Lindsay McHugh is an American expat living in Sydney, Australia. She holds a B.A. in Public Relations from Temple University (’08) and by day can be found working in Healthcare PR. Catch up with her on Twitter (@lmchugh) or right here on Little Pink Blog.

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