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Timothy R. Pearson, April, 2011; Hardcover, $25.00; 256 pages; Published by McGraw Hill

By: Maria Lago, guest blogger

{so·cial me·di·a} is media designed to be disseminated through social interaction, created using highly accessible and scalable publishing techniques.

Not too long ago there was no such thing as Social Media Marketing, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or any others you can think of.

My first year in college was the fall of the year 2000 at St. John’s University where I eventually declared my major to be in Communication Arts.

Ironically at the beginning of my journey, the only communication I was doing was either in person or through my dorm room land line.

The biggest thing happening online was AIM and instead of updating my status, I was leaving away messages.

I didn’t have a cell phone yet, nor did any of my ‘suite-mates’ as we called our roommates who shared our suite-style dorm.


The coolest thing in technology I had seen was the following year when I was entering my sophomore year and that was the Nextel i1000.

It seems so funny now how all the kids on campus were scrambling to get our hands on a bulky green-screened flip phone, when now the iPhone and the Blackberry rule all and downloading apps on our touch screen smart phones is like second nature.

This is just a small example of how far we’ve come since the turn of the century, and how it has affected technology and the way we communicate now 11-years later.


Timothy R. Pearson explains how rapidly we all need to keep up with the ever changing rules of marketing in an amazingly easy read in The Old Rules of Marketing are Dead: 6 New Rules to Reinvent Your Brand & Reignite your Business.

The title basically says it all and the way Pearson has put together the layout of the book could not be more simple.

The entire book, as per the title, is broken into his six rules, within the rules he lays out five principles to support each one and at the end of each principle he has a ‘Remember’ section to sum up the reading.

This is no ordinary business book, I’ve tried reading others and put them down really quick.

I need something engaging and easy to understand, I don’t like reading boring business lingo, I can snooze when I’m asleep, not when I’m reading.

Timothy R. Pearson is in a category all his own with his writing.

It amazed me as to how easy of a read it was!

Michel Recalt, Director of Marketing and Brand Strategy, LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton agrees saying in a statement:

“Pearson makes the clearest statement yet about the new world of marketing, as he makes the difficult and complex concepts of brands and reinvention understandable to everyone.”

The book is chocked full of examples on how big companies like Goldman Sachs, BP, Toyota, Johnson & Johnson and HP have utilized all the wrong public relations and marketing tools when dealing with a crisis.

Robert Hanson, President, Global Levi’s Brand, Levis Strauss & Co. says:

“A Must-read for any business leader or marketer. It explains how brands must be true to their essence and be reinvented to remain relevant in this radically changed, information-rich, and Internet-oriented world.”

One story that caught my eye right away was how Pearson described the incident that involved BP and Twitter.

We all know what BP is now known for, they’ve had one of the worse oil spills in history and as described in the book:

“That’s an extremely difficult position for a company that previously saw itself as an exemplar of corporate social responsibility and branded itself as being a part of the alternate energy solution, beyond petroleum.”

During the crisis, BP’s public relations efforts were poorly handled and the birth of a fake Twitter account did not help the situation.

@BPGlobalPR surfaced in the misdt of all the drama with the sole purpose of poking fun at the struggling company.

The Public Relations Society of America was following the fake account and reported:

“At 3:07 p.m. on May 19 – 29 days after the start of the Gulf oil crisis – @BPGlobalPR sent out its first tweet: ‘We regretfully admit that something happened off of the Gulf Coast. More to come.'”

At the time, BP didn’t officially have it’s own Twitter account showing the world that not only were they not handling the crisis as well as they should, but they were falling behind in their marketing and social media efforts still trying to ignore the reality of new ways marketing and public relations was being handled.


Now BP's website has an entire area dedicated to the efforts to help restore the Gulf as well as ways for us to stay connected with the company through Social Media.

This is what Pearson is trying to relay in his book to large companies as well as small businesses.

Social media and new technology is changing the face of marketing and the old ways need to be upgraded by way of reinvention.

Words to live by, by Timothy R. Pearson that definitely got a highlight merit in my copy:

Communication doesn’t matter as much as action.
How you communicate matters.
Learn social media before a crisis occurs.

While I give The Old rules of Marketing are Dead by Timothy R. Pearson two very high thumbs up, let’s take his advice, evaluate the core of our business, reinvent if we need to while sticking to the true value of our image and keep reinventing our marketing efforts as new technology and marketing tools are born.

We must be open minded and adapt to the new age in media because it will continue to speed by and leave us in the dust if we don’t.

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Maria Lago is the Owner & President of Three / events & pr, an Event Planning and Public Relations boutique firm based out of Westchester, NY. Maria is the founder of Three Gets Furry, an event dedicated to raise funds and awareness for the SPCA of Westchester. She attended St. John’s University majoring in Communications Arts and minoring in Public Relations. She loves Twitter, and blogging about fashion, events & pr chatter. Follow her @ThreeEventsPR

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