{ADbitious} CARRERA says “No Regrets” by Enzo Sopracolle

By: Andrea Lamari, guest blogger

With the turn of the season and the breeze turning from a cool wind to a warm wash the release of a new campaign, rather, a fresh attitude, is being brought to us by CARRERA, the internationally renowned eye wear brand known for their production of racing sunglasses since 1956.

Think back to the most thrilling night (or day) of your life.

Now think harder.

Oh yeah, there’s that memory; the one that burns your cheeks and forces a grin to crawl across your face. Carrera’s campaign focuses on the moment you live to the fullest with no regret, and to the absolute max. All of which you did perfectly companioned with a pair of Carrera’s new pair of glasses.

“AFTER ALL, NO REGRETS,” the new collection designed by Enzo Sopracolle, is manufactured and distributed by the Safilo Group.

The only rule to live by is,

“to live in the fast lane”.

The visuals portray authentic, real-life situations involving young men and women getting out there and really living.

When you first check out the campaign visuals you may notice a Johnny Depp look-a-like sporting a colorful scarf matched with his pair- the new Champion of the line.

It’s perfect that Carrera states,

“Get noticed with Carrera winning design!”

They reach out with such perfect timing!

We say Carrera’s #winning for sure!

Carrera focuses on a sixties flashback mashed with the new age grit of today’s world with all new aviator/navigator shades for both men and women.

The cast of the campaign sports naturally weary expressions against dark backdrops of wreckless scenes.

The glasses act as the badass addition to the crazy rendezous that occured- and it’s easy to see that a killer ensemble may attribute to a wild attitude.

Many pairs of both the eyeglasses and sunglasses are not only super bright but extra savvy boasting the signature Carrera metal detail in the center of the frames.

The TOPCAR 2 featured above- check out how large they are, we love it!

The eyewear collection focuses on all different shapes and sizes- from rectangular to oval to round.

CA 7492 – bright with a dark contrast in this funky round-framed pair

Not only can you shop for your shades via the website but you can utilize the Carrera Virtual Mirror. This website feature allows you to upload/take a picture of yourself using a webcam and pair shades with the picture (very convenient!).

And as if you were in the store making faces in the mirror with a friend you can opt to use a photo of a model matched with your desired shades; it makes for great entertainment!

Our favorite feature of the new campaign is the fact that most to all of the shades are unisex (and who doesn’t love to borrow their significant other’s accessories once and awhile…).

Back 80’s 5 in Matte White

The Carrera generation strives to live on full blast. All pairs of sunglasses and optical frames offer the strongest of appeal for women and men and really present themselves as the forerunner in this season’s eyewear must-haves.

This major worldwide campaign will be on-air starting February 2011 and will be implemented through a broad and complete media mix, including web, press, billboards and films. CARRERA’s commitment also continues on the website www.CarreraWorld.com and on social media networks, to boost activities begun in 2010.

All photos courtesy of Carrera World.


Creative Direction: Stefania Siani and Federico Pepe

Art Director: Davide Fiori/Luca Fontana

Copywriter: Valentina Amenta/Andrea Fagiolari

Photographer: Steven Duncan

Director: Marco Gentile

Production company: Stamp Film


Andrea Lamari is the Director of Public Relations & Social Media for The RDP Group, the producers of the Original GLBT Business Expo and the New York Bar & Wine Show out of the Javits Convention Center in Manhattan. She is finishing her degree with New York University and is moving from the East Coast to the West Coast soon. She’s an avid Tweeter, blogger, and all around tech junkie! You may find her physically attached to her iPad or you may follow her on Twitter, Andrea PR Twitter (@RDPGroup).

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